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What a Race!

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By lozza6 - Posted on 07 September 2008

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Happy with that for my 2nd ever race and first ever 100.

Had a stupid mechanical at 10km with the jockey wheel completely seizing up. I had to take the thing off 3 times and put me firmly in last place at the back with the fatties.. Wasn't quite shifting correctly but luckily managed to do some mid ride chain tensioning and amazingly enough got it shifting relatively well.

Frustrated as hell I pushed hard to catch back to the group. Managed to catch everyone (bar roidies) up with Ladytoast and Critty right towards the end. Managed to just hold them off but I had to use everything I had and will off the cramps at the very end.

Pain killers worked a treat as my knee would never had lasted the whole 100.

...wearing off now.. ouch.

All in all a fantastic ride. Surprised I made it as I was fearing I may have gone out too hard and fast at the start, so I'm pleased with that. Great seeing everyone down there and having the 50 guys cheer us all in. Had a total blast.

My first 100 but definitely not my last.

Cheers to all, esp Pikey and Heckler for stopping to help me out and put my bike back together. Without them I would've probably had to retire. I didn't know what was going on!


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Great time mate, imagine if you didn't have those problems with your gears! Eye-wink

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I reckon, but maybe its the frustration that urged me on to push harder? Laughing out loud

When I saw you guys for the 2nd time at the 80km point I knew you made up heaps of time on the narly downhill section (WHAT FUN!!!) So I urged myself to push even harder on the uphills! Smiling Genuinely had nothing left at the end.

I had 6:45 riding time and a 14.6km average. I don't think I lost more than 10-15 minutes for the mechanical, so not too bad...

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What a fantastic time - well done you are now a certified roid boy

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Ah Loz... now you've gone and spanked out a top time at one of the toughest courses you'll have to go even better from now on! Eye-wink

Well done though - I was a bit concerned you went out so hard but unlike some (ahem) you kept it going all the way. Good job!

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I reckon your time and that fact it was your first 100ker deserves the ride of the day.

Awesome work Lozza. Laughing out loud


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.... thats an awesome effort. Particularly after the frustration of the mechanicals.
You didnt look as tired as some, I think you had a bit left in you Smiling
What'll you do next time??

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Awesome time and still smiling after! Smiling
No need to worry any more now, hey? You just raised the bar, hehe! Eye-wink

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Lozza, awesome result considering it was your first 100km event. You told me the number of pain killers (insert brand name here) you took, but just in case I didn't hear you correct, how many was it again?

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4 more than the recommended 24 hour dosage Shocked

(shhh, 10 Sticking out tongue)

Is this considered doping? Laughing out loud

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hmmmm, I took 2 Panadeine thinking, "I hope this is ok with extreme exertion, high heart rates and all that". Also, the recommended daily intake is exactly that, DAILY intake. Not take them over a few hours and you're right for the day Eye-wink

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Not now, but earlier...


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It worked a treat...

It was for my knee pain, so the ibuprofen anti-inflammatory was nice and the codine kicker was just what I needed to keep spinning when the knees would otherwise had said no.

I always figure the numbers they quote are on the conservative side Sticking out tongue

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It's not on the WADA list so not doping, doesn't make you not a dope.

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