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Dicky Knees and Hills

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By Rob - Posted on 23 August 2008

Re: This ride meeting: 
Bigger Hill Fest

Not quiet as advertised, but the ride today was still certainly a hill fest - 1724m in 66.7Km. That ratio would certainly be much better for the first 50Km though - if only MB would give these stats per lap. Sad

Changes were made because once we got moving the consensus was that Cascades & behind the Wildflower garden would be a bit too wet so we hit up all the trails on West Head to Towlers and back. Yes, even Elvina on the way back - the gang loved it when some mad fool peeled off down there. Oh yeah - and a quick up and down Chiltern too, just for good measure.

Back to the cars was 50Km dead on but Loz & I are mental and set off South on a lap of Terrey Hills/Duffys Forest. Sadly we both have dicky knees that were playing up a bit (actually my left knee wasn't feeling right all ride) so decided on coming out of Bibbenluke that completing the planned lap (via Cullamine/Duffys/Perimeter/Long/Smiths Creek) would be a bit silly so just trundled back to the cars.

Oh well - top ride it was all the same. Even with sub-zero temperatures, howling winds and intermittent drizzle. Hmmmm...

Profile is here for those interested - first 50 is highly recommended for hill endurance training! Eye-wink

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Considering the poor effort on the weathers behalf, we still managed a decent final hazzah before the Angry Doctor...

I'm really going to wind my training back now and rest up for the ominous Mogo...

It was actually me that held back the final leg of this ride... I was really willing to put another 30-40km on after our 50km marathon but unfortunately we only managed 17km more as my knee was completely smashed by that stage...

On the road back, I tried to get out of my seat to pedal but my left leg could not even support my weight from the 3/9 o'clock positions and instantly collapsed back to 12/6..

Wanted to take perimeter/long back, but even though the heart was willing, my body could go no further and the direct route back on booralie road was the best option and even that was a struggle.

Now I need to rest and hope my knee is good enough in time for the Doctor...

Cheers Rob, well guided and a good final training ride despite the weather doing its best to try and can it for us..

We got it in though despite the various devilish attempts to turn us to the dark side Sticking out tongue


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