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Bigger Hill Fest

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By Rob - Posted on 18 August 2008

Saturday, 23 August, 2008 - 08:30
7 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
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Ride Database Entry: 
Centre Track
Ride Database Entry: 
Duck Hole/Terrey Hills Trail
Ride Database Entry: 
Ryland & Muppets
Ride Database Entry: 
Terrey Hills / Duffys Forest
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Wildflower Garden
Meeting Point: 

Park opposite/beside Terrey Hills shops, corner Booralie Rd/Yulong Ave. Or in the small carpark next to the RFS station & community centre.

-33.682365 151.227937 (Terrey Hills Shops)

After the success of the shortened hill fest yesterday, and with 2 weeks to the doctor, bring on the stupidity! Laughing out loud

This is billed as a training ride so there will be minimal stops. Please do not show up unless you can do this distance, or at least ride fast until one of the bail out points. If that's your plan be prepared to gracefully bow out somewhere along the route if you are struggling.

So, the route will be the following hilly goodness:

- From Terrey Hills shops to Duck Hole (the traditional route), Waratah, Centre. Here is bail out point 1 (25Km, 600m vertical). For those that need it and opportunity for quick water/food refill at the cars.

- Then head South down to Larool Road and pick up the Hill Fest Course. Ride the whole thing, which means at some point we'll go up Heath, round the sniggle loop and back down (start/finish on the link below), up Quarry, etc, etc. There may be scope for water at the oval top of Cascades track around Km 44 and again inside St Ives showground around Km 60 but don't bet these! Bail out point 2 could be as we cross Mona Vale road to the Showground where one could take a relatively easy trundle back along Mona Vale road to the cars.

- On crossing the steps/stream by Sandy trail there will be two options. Bail out point 3 is to turn right and join back to Larool and return to the cars - which will leave you with around 70Km & 2000m climbed.

- Final leg of what I will be calling the 'stupid plan' (more so on the day no doubt) will be to go left here and carry on up that tortuous climb to Killawarra Rd. From there loop round all the trails on the perimeter of Duffys Forest and come back to the cars via Terrey Hills Perimeter trail.


Just calculated the distance at around 84Km/2230m vertical.

We could add Long Track to bring this to 92Km/2300m vertical. I have a KML file of this route if anyone wants it.

For the completely insane we could drop down to Smiths Creek and back to make it 97Km/around 2500m vertical. Erm... no thanks! Eye-wink

To be honest I may be bailing at point 3 myself, but would like to think I could achieve the whole thing without bailing in around 7 hours. Maybe I'm dreaming, but this should be top preparation for the upcoming Angry Doctor so who's in?! Laughing out loud

P.S. Some nice profiles:

Duck Hole + Centre (25Km, 600m vertical)

Hill Fest (45.3Km, 1325m vertical)

Who's in?
Rob, Little-Ditty, lozza6, camster
Rob Little-Ditty lozza6 camster
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ar_junkie's picture

If this was Sunday, I would be there for sure as it saves me driving down to Canberra for an epic.
Are you busy Sunday?

Brian's picture

How I was feeling after Saturday's ride there's no way I'd be up for this. Have fun Smiling

lozza6's picture

Laughing out loud

ar_junkie's picture

Realised that I can't go to Canberra anyway, so I'm a goer for this one. Bring on the pain!

Just to clarify, is this a road ride or off-road?

lozza6's picture

Ahh junkie.. It will be great to see you on the dirt! Smiling so long as you dont ditch us last minute for some bigger and greater scum ride Sticking out tongue

Should be a great ride, with Shaun leading the way this is gonna be a fast tough ride!!

It will be my final body smash before the angry doctor.... Will probably need all 2 weeks to recover before the race! Laughing out loud


Bruce's picture

Last time I went past the servo you mention next to the showground it had closed down, you might want to check if its still there?

Rob's picture

Really? Wasn't really paying attention yesterday. Oh well - I didn't really plan on needing water at that point but it could be a handy option. Does anyone know if there's drinking water tap at the show ground somewhere?

ar_junkie's picture

The show ground servo is being rebuilt (I think)... either way it's not operating.

Rob - there is a tap within the show grounds, not sure on quality, but it's wet...

Stuart M's picture

Correct again Bruce

ar_junkie's picture

When have I ever done that 'last minute'? I always ditch MTB for road rides way before the actual ride? Eye-wink

Alysum's picture

capable of doing this ride then this one the day after ? Eye-wink


lozza6's picture

well DON'T do that either Junkie! Sticking out tongue

GAZZA's picture

im in!

ar_junkie's picture

Is this ride going to be washed out? Do we need to look to the 'black trails' for training again?

craigs's picture

any chance of 7 riders?
I'd like to do the first 25 and see how things go from there.
what say you?

Rob's picture

Hmmmmm... the problem with having larger number of riders on a training ride is two fold. Firstly the more riders the more chance of a mechanical - simply by the law of averages - and mechanicals stop the flow. Second is the speed differential of the group to consider, again, the more we are the larger this stands to be.

I'd rather not encourage anyone else to come as this looks like a speedy group (I'm a bit scared to be honest!). Why don't you post up a social ride for Sat and get your training kicks on Sunday with Jeff or Morgan?

Sorry, please don't take offence. Sad

camster's picture

Well it's raining here now and the forecast for tomorrow is for a brief shower or two.
Should i be expecting Mud? If so, I think i'll hook up some mud friendly tyres tonight (Ignigtor & monorails are more hardpack specific)

2.3 Nevegals got to better in the Mud than 2.1 "race tyres"

Rob's picture

Last weekend there was only one part of this course that was a bit sloppy - between Ryland and St Ives Oval, but it was just a few 100 metres and we got through quiet easily.

Most of this stuff does drain well, although if it rains all day and night that would be another story. I don't mind riding in a shower or two, but not constant rain.

Let us hope the weather clears.

ar_junkie's picture

It's been raining all morning albeit only drizzle, but enough to make the trails nice and slushy.

Might be tempted to turn to the dark side tomorrow... Evil

lozza6's picture

the hillfest route gets very muddy in bits behind the showgrounds......

duck centre drain really well, but the end of waratah stays wet for a while...

booo rain..

was cold and miserable to work today.. and I hear its going to be worse coming home Sad

lozza6's picture

you and your dark black stuff junkie! Sticking out tongue

I hope it stops raining too...

I rode on the black stuff in the rain to work today.. its not any more pleasant than mountain biking in the rain??

So you might as well stick to the muddy hillfest! Laughing out loud

ar_junkie's picture

It's about the punishment your equipment takes due to the mud, not to mention the amount of cleaning required after...

tienster's picture

still trying to get over the bloody virus...

plus the cold and rain tomorrow, i am out.

Have fun though, looks like it is a killer of a ride.


GAZZA's picture

think ill be turning to the dark side too. At least if it stops raining the roads dry up almost immediatly and i wont get covered in mud and have to spend the rest of the weekend stripping my bike and cleaning it.. Enjoy boys!

camster's picture

Probably for the best! I hear mud is pretty hard to wash out of lacy blouses. I could give my mum a call and perhaps she could offer some laundering advice Eye-wink

lozza6's picture

there is room for Craig now Laughing out loud

Is it just you and me Rob?

camster's picture

Jokes aside.
I prefer to stay away from traffic and roads when it gets wet. Something about rain seems to turn off the brains of some drivers. Added to that less visibility and grip for both bike and car.

I'd rather not have to do a re-build or brake pad change on Sunday either so i understand those reasons too.

ar_junkie's picture

It hasn't stopped raining all morning and there's just been a sizable downpour in the last 20 mins so I'll be heading to the dark side... Sad

Enjoy the ride guys.

Alysum's picture

..and still in need of some training - join the ultimate endurance sunday 100k ride weather forecast: fine Eye-wink


craigs's picture

Sorry.... I have other plans. Probably on the black stuff.

Buck's picture

Since when have you ridden on the tarmac Craig!?

ar_junkie's picture

You know you want too... Evil

Supagav's picture

All the cool people do dont you know... do YOU want to be coooool??? Cool

Stuart M's picture

look away

lozza6's picture

Buck, when you said you wanted a "bigger bike" last night

what you really meant was bigger wheels right? 700mm ... 23mm wide? Sticking out tongue

I'd be careful not to be caught in NIX only again mate Laughing out loud

Little-Ditty's picture

...I will do some of this ride. I'll probably bail after about 50km.

Chitts's picture

....I am planning on doing the ride (or pretty similar) with a mate at 6:30am tomorrow morning. If it is horribly muddy we will bail and hit the roads for a tarmac ride. I know it's early, but let me know if you guys are keen to join. Looking for a good pace with very minimal stopping and social chatter limited to what can be done while riding Smiling Just more fun if there are a few of us. Let me know if you guys are keen as clearly our plans may change!! Mobile available in profile as is e-mail address.

lozza6's picture


I'd rather go rideless Sticking out tongue

hehe jk.

I don't really care how muddy it is I'll still ride it...

If its actually pouring at the time though I don't think I'd do any ride at all, road or dirt...


Little-Ditty's picture

That is kind, but I won't be riding on the road.

I will see what comes of the weather tomorrow morning. If you guys still want to go when it is wet, maybe with an abbreviated version(?) I may be interested. As I am not doing any other training rides this weekend, I was still keen to somehow fit in at least 30km off-road somewhere.

Chitts's picture

.... that is the last "holy shite it's muddy....I'm sinking" resort, not the default by any means!! Smiling

Rob's picture

Although it's been raining up there today seems to have stopped now. I'm hopeful it will be a dry night and sunny morning (ah, you can but wish). 6:30 is way to early in winter, sorry Chitts.

Will post if I'm game around 7-ish in the morning, but take it as a 'Go' at this point. Smiling

lozza6's picture

*touch wood*

it only got a splattering today...

seems clear now...

and tomorrow is a "brief shower or two"

Little-Ditty's picture

The weather forecast is "decent", saying for a shower or two, and quite cold and windy. This sounds at least promising. Unless it a coming down with hard rain when I am leaving, I am at least expecting to go. I can always bail if I don't like the look of it from the carpark.

camster's picture

I'll still be there just after 8
Not sure where -there is tho.
I programmed the meeting point into the GPS - so i'll see you there at 8.20am

I couldn't be a55sed changing the tyres so i'll just run the ones that are on the bike.

Rob's picture

Yes, well, it's had some sprinkles overnight and although the clouds look gloomy think I'll be there to see how things are.

Depending on what we find in the first few Km let's make some choices on possible route modifications.

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