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Angry Doctor & Irate Intern 2008

Hans's picture

By Hans - Posted on 03 May 2008

Sunday, 7 September, 2008 - 06:30
8 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

Mogo, NSW South Coast


The sweetest Enduro bike race !

Angry Doctor 100 k's, The Irate Intern 50k's,
6 & 7 September 2008, Mogo, NSW South Coast

"With awesome single track, beautiful berms, rolling hills, exciting fire trails and right next to the beach for some post race surfing you will not want to miss this. As Hugh Flower from City Bike Depot said "This must be some of Australia's best, yet undiscovered mountain bike trails - you just can't get enough!". "

"Last year's inaugural event sold out. We have increased the numbers for this year but places won't last long with the reputation of the best single tracks around. This is the event not to miss!

The same course as 2007 but with some great improvements. The 6km loop at the 73km mark will be replaced by a combination of new single trails and fire roads. And you will get to the famous snake track - la Pièce de Résistance - a little earlier so you will have more energy to enjoy it!"

Course Breakdown

There is no fluffing it up. When we say single track it is single track - not narrow fire trail!! The breakdown below is from the 2007 event. There will be some changes for the 2008 course - for the better of course!

For the Irate Intern 50km you will ride: 14km of single track; 24km of double track and narrow fire trail; 9km of wide fire trail; 3km bitumen (a little at the start and a little at the finish).

For the Angry Doctor 100km you will ride: 34km of single track; 45km of double track and narrow fire trail; 17km of wide fire trail; 4km of bitumen.

It is all about the course
Last year it was super sweet. This year will be even sweeter. With still the great combination of single track (some of the best in Australia!), interesting and narrow fire trails and only a smidgen of bigger hard packed main fire trail, you will not be disappointed. The 6km loop at the 73km mark will be replaced by some new single track combinations. You will also hit the famous snake track a little earlier to give a little more energy to enjoy the superb experience.

The single track is spread throughout the course so it stays interesting and there are plenty of opportunities to pass. The terrain is varied with the course passing through pine forest, open farm land, native forest, granite rock formations and some great views. As single speeder Josh Beck said "Best single track this side of Rotarua"

Mogo, Eurobodalla Coast, NSW

On the Princes Highway 10km south of Batemans Bay and 15km north of Moruya is the small and groovy town of Mogo. And sitting right next to the coffee shops, ice cream parlours and fudge shops is a heaven for mountain bikers - the winding single trail and super fun fire trails of the Mogo State Forest.

Entries are open now!

Who's in?
Rob, pikey, craigs, Heckler, christine, tienster, Buck, evan, Nic, Little-Ditty, Caro, daves, GAZZA, Bruce, kiwiboy, Harry, leopafe, Steve 01, bri, markp, dkido, Carlgroover, Damien, Michael B, lance, Greg P, raving_hippo, Nick R, lozza6, Deano, steveb, Alexd, Brian, Mick, Benny-B, linco, LadyToast, Morgan, Supagav, Critty, camster, spart, Checkmate (43 riders)
Rob pikey craigs Heckler christine tienster Buck evan Nic Little-Ditty Caro daves GAZZA Bruce kiwiboy Harry leopafe Steve 01 bri markp dkido Carlgroover Damien Michael B lance Greg P raving_hippo Nick R lozza6 Deano steveb Alexd Brian Mick Benny-B linco LadyToast Morgan Supagav Critty camster spart Checkmate
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
mtbasn.alex Irate intern 50k:) Finished 02:43:50 9 50Km/Male/Jun 2
staffe wooo hoooo Finished 02:59:18 24 50Km/Male/Vet 6
camster Congrats to all full Angry Finished 03:16:14 54 50Km/Male/Open 23
craigs Irate intern - Mogo Finished 03:23:00 63 50Km/Male/Vet 24
Little-Ditty A good day out Finished 03:25:54 68 50Km/Male/Open 30
Brian What to do Finished 04:05:25 178 50Km/Male/Open 85
Harry How Tough? Finished 04:07:23 161 50Km/Male/Vet 58
Alexd My first 50..bloody hills ! Finished 04:23:39 226 50Km/Male/Open 104
Caro under 5 hrs! Finished 04:59:57 45 50Km/Female/Open 29
Supagav first ever 100km enduro Finished 05:57:47 37 100Km/Male/Open 21
linco What a ride Finished 06:07:06 48 100Km/Male/Open 27
Steve 01 Hardest race ever done Finished 06:07:28 50 100Km/Male/Vet 8
Carlgroover What a race! Finished 06:25:39 74 100Km/Male/Vet 14
Damien Single Speed - Yeah Baby Finished 06:37:03 84 100Km/Male/SS 7
Nick R Wow - tough ride Finished 06:44:30 100 100Km/Male/Open 56
Michael B First long race Finished 06:55:18 119 100Km/Male/Jun 1
Bruce Top work by all Finished 07:00:25 125 100Km/Male/Open 69
Deano yet another great event Finished 07:14:06 144 100Km/Male/Open 85
lozza6 What a Race! Finished 07:23:36 161 100Km/Male/Open 94
Checkmate Can't believe it! Finished 07:28:52 168 100Km/Male/Open 100
LadyToast two words Finished 07:46:39 186 100Km/Male/Open 111
Morgan Finished Finished 07:58:14 208 100Km/Male/Vet 54
Gonz Last minute decision!!! Finished 08:05:35 218 100Km/Male/Open 132
Buck My First 100km Finished 08:23:10 251 100Km/Male/Open 157
Rob Too Much Fun Did not finish 100Km/Male/Open

Were you there and have a story to tell?

Ride Gallery
Buck's picture

Well foolish as this may sound I've signed up for the 100km. Shocked

Aim at this stage is just to finish!

lozza6's picture

I've also signed up for 100. But I will reserve the right to downgrade to the 50k as I see unfit.


Carlgroover's picture

It looks like the everyone enjoyed the Dirtworks so much they're heading to Mogo for one more go.
Can't wait.

davis_jnr's picture

7 months off the bike arm is still not so good, cant lift more than 3 or 4 kg's.....could i be right by sept?

so want to do this ride....

Stuart M's picture

Keep the arms for lifting the pre race bevvies

davis_jnr's picture

Its more a matter of being able to hold onto the bars without pain....sinking a few pigs ears is definitely not a problem Smiling

Carlgroover's picture

I guess it's lots of physio, physio and some more physio for you. I'm sure my physical job (contract kitchen Installer) helped me come good after my collarbone, I had to push it to earn a living.
Maybe start smaller than the Mogo race and see how fast you can build it up. Good luck.

davis_jnr's picture

I'm in, if i cant ride by then there's got to be something wrong!

Gary's picture

Cant make this one because of a family holiday in sunny Scotland. I'll just have to make do with Glentress and Innerleithen, ah well.

Matt's picture

But only for a 50 as I'm keen to make a weekend of it and maybe do something interesting in the 'bra on Saturday, driving down Friday.

Ta ta,

Morgan's picture

Might as well do my first 100km event on a track I don't know - the hills don't look too bad....

pikey's picture

.... You promised me you wouldn't let me sign up for any more 100km races.

Guess what!


Bernd's picture have plenty of "nippel tape"!!!!!!!!

lozza6's picture

Awesome! Smiling We're all gonna be doing the 100! Laughing out loud


Caro's picture

Just broke my 'new years resolution' not to enter any race this year (apart from Mogo but that doesn't count).
Will be there for the 50!
So happy!! Laughing out loud
I'll have some cold beer waiting for you at the finish line pikey Sticking out tongue

lozza6's picture

And meant to be broken! Smiling

Wow, this Mogo is gonna be BIG! Laughing out loud

ar_junkie's picture

The 100km this time and I have the receipt to prove it!

Brian's picture

I'm in for the 50km. I didn't feel I could do much more at Dirtworks so I didn't want to push it. Maybe with more training I could make it a 50km sprint Eye-wink

Little-Ditty's picture

I like the way you think. That's the way mate! Laughing out loud

Heckler's picture

I'm in the 100, OH S#%t, now I may have to actually train a bit. Sticking out tongue Sticking out tongue

kiwiboy's picture

we're both in for the 50 and keen for a Gumnut cottage - haven't booked but keen to.

lance's picture

Hey, I survived my first 50 km event ok, so i might as well have a go - now only 4 months of training required...


Stuart M's picture

the link till I had booked a place for the family Sad

evan's picture

50 it is for me....


Nick R's picture

Clearly more climbing / descent but overall how does it compare to DW 100?

leopafe's picture

I was really keen on doing (trying) the 100, but it seems that this one is the hardest of the bunch (DW, Angry Doctor and Fling).

Well, maybe signing up for the 100 and then, if I come to my senses, drop to 50 is the way to go.

Angry Doctor is a GO…. By the end of it I’ll certainly be angry and I’ll probably need a doctor!



Andy Bloot's picture

Can't quite get my head around 100 yet.
Put me down for accomodation please.
But I can default to the wagon - a bit warmer than C'berra in winter

Carlgroover's picture

The peace and quiet of the wagon, thats what I'll be doing. If there's any snoring it will be me. Smiling
100km of bliss for me.

alchemist's picture

= 10 x harder

Nick R's picture

Or is it the other way around?

alchemist's picture

The Doctor is 10 times harder than the Dirt Works 100.

Or there about

Alysum's picture

I've never done the DIrtworks so would it be safer if I do the 50 and not the angry 100 ?

leopafe's picture

Alysum, from what I've seem at Ourimbah, you can go for the 100, it all depends on how much time you want to spend on the saddle.

If you are keen on a 8(ish) hours ride go for the 100.



Rob's picture

Yeah, it's more like how much time you want to spend in the saddle before the race. With over 30% more hills than Dirtworks you'd want to train some. Mind you, hill climb training doesn't take so long, and hour in Cascades every other day will see you right! Eye-wink

FWIW I loved the 50Km course last year. Lots of sniggle. Even the firetrail rocked. There was this one super smooth section where both Alchemist & I hit 69.x kays (GPS nerds! Eye-wink). Think of hitting perfect (smallish low angle) waterbars at that speed and gently floating through the air. Love it! Laughing out loud

Those that did the 100 told of even better stuff in the second half, although by the wording of the course they might have brought some of the good stuff forward a bit.

The pros still smashed it out in 4-ish hours so going on that DW & the Dr. are pretty similar Eye-wink

Alysum's picture

Does anyone have a profile of the angry 100 ? Smiling Keen to see whether it's mostly firetrails or singletracks. Any deep creek crossings ?

leopafe> thanks but Ourimbah is a bit small to compare with ! Laughing out loud

Nick R's picture

Map shows one river crossing:

From the official website:

"We said it last time and we will say it again - it will be a challenge. The Angry Doctor will rip your legs off but it will be worth every bit of pain. The Irate Intern 50km is the first 50km of the 100km course and covers 1,400m of total climbing. The Angry Doctor 100km event will pass through the event hub at Mogo at the 50km mark and then head out on a separate 50km loop containing the famous Maulbrooks single track. Total climb for the 100km course is 2,850m.

The climbing for both the 50km and the 100km is mostly a result of constant undulation rather than super big hills.

For the Irate Intern 50km you will ride: 14km of single track; 24km of double track and narrow fire trail; 9km of wide fire trail; 3km bitumen (a little at the start and a little at the finish). For the Angry Doctor 100km you will ride: 34km of single track; 45km of double track and narrow fire trail; 17km of wide fire trail; 4km of bitumen."

Alysum's picture

thanks for the profile, it looks pretty tough (how come you only stopped for 3 minutes !!??). I don't know why but I still just entered the ride Laughing out loud the 100km one of course.

must organize some 5hours rides here over the next couple of months ! which trails are nice and long ? The Great Northern road ?

lozza6's picture

I've bitten off more than I can chew. Definitely in need of some 5 hour plus training sessions.


Carlgroover's picture

IMHO I think more regular training will do more good than trying to do rides of close to race distance, but you do need to know how to pace yourself over 100km, so if you do a 60km training ride, you'll know if you could do another 40km or not at that pace.
36 riders so far- bigger than Ben Hur

Damien's picture

In for this one on the 29er SS cant wimp out of the SS category this time as I no longer own anything with more than a single cog or chainring on it.

Now as for the training a ride every day on the road during the week of say 40 to 50k's with two or three mountain bike outings on the weekend is the best way to go I have found building up lots of regular miles for me anyway works best with a few longer (minimum half race distance or longer) mountain bike rides every two or three weeks thrown in for good measure.

Its possible to do 100ks with very little training but it is a battle I did the Dirtworks with only a handfull of longer weekend rides under my belt and really suffered for it.

linco's picture

Looks like this one is going to be a killer compared to the DW. I think we'll need some more torturous Steve01 training rides. Once more into the breach dear friends.

Buck's picture

Already sold out! Can't believe it went all so quickly!

Time to start training Smiling

ar_junkie's picture

Unfortunately I have to pull out of this awesome race, so if anybody is wanting to purchase my entry off me, please give me a shout...

Alysum's picture

hi guys, since this will be my first race - a tough one to start with 100k Smiling could you recommend me a list of must have equipments to carry during the day ? I'm already thinking:
* a spare inner tube
* spare chain rings
* chain tool
* tire levers + repair patches

I've never owned or used a chain tool so I guess I should get one soon and practice... do you ever carry a small flasks of oil ? Laughing out loud

By the way are there many water points in the race or should I upgrade my hydration pack from a 2L to a 3L one ?


Rob's picture

Rings are overkill (erm... or maybe not, ask Harry!). Other things you list are good. Your chain tool should be on a good multi-tool. If it's wet oil and a rag is very useful. Taking that was the best move I made at Dirtworks this year! Smiling

Strange as it sounds you are probably better off with 2l hydration pack on a race. Most have have well spaced water stops so you don't have to go crazy with the amount you carry. Take a bottle with carb/electrolyte mix in (whatever works for you - I use Gatorade + Endura mix) and a sachet (or two if you like) of powder to mix with water at the stations.

Other small goodies that I always carry as they are so small include powerlink, couple spare chain links (take the small section you take of a new chain when fitting), spare cleat + bolt, bent piece of coat hanger for holding chain while repairing (not essential but when you're tired and in a hurry very useful), cable ties, small roll of electrician's or gaffer tape.

Search around a bit, think we've talked about this before?

Alysum's picture

sorry I meant chain links not rings Laughing out loud
yeah I think I just remembered this thread about all this, must dig it out.
thanks for all the info Smiling

lozza6's picture

the all important zip ties!

I think harry made great use of them when he destroyed his rear derailleur at the dirtworks.

Rings are overkill (erm... or maybe not, ask Harry!).

You can see he used them here... second best thing to some spare rings Sticking out tongue


Brian's picture

Try this thread where I asked a similar question

Rob's picture

== zip ties.

Sorry for the confusion Sticking out tongue

LadyToast's picture

I'll go to the back of the class after asking this, but what the hell are rings?

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