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What a ride

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By linco - Posted on 08 September 2008

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That was so much fun, although my bodoy's feeling it today. Those single tracks felt like riding a roller coaster. It was a great pick me up to see Steve01 at around the 70 km and swap stories about whose body was in the most pain. Cramping legs made that last 20k pretty difficult. 6 hr and 7 min - I'm pretty stoked.

Cheers Lincoln

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Thats a fantastic time and good to hear that your chainrings didn't fall off this time!



BTW Did anyone else spot the blue seat with broken carbon rails lying in the singletrack at about the 65kms mark - that couldn't have been fun Eye-wink

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Yes I made a mental note when I saw that - dont buy a seat with carbon rails.

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The bike stayed together but the body is seriously struggling today. Can't wait until the both work together.

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