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yet another great event

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By Deano - Posted on 07 September 2008

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7.12 feeling very happy with that Smiling considering the complete lack of training well if im true full none really. Plus the large amount of pain killers to forget about the aback pain worked a treat Smiling well for about 4hrs until I ran out Sad.

If your not out there doing it,
Someone else is

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Great time Deano!

This morning it's starting to dawn on me now how epic some of the single track was, I don't think I have ridden better. I remember hooting with joy on some of the single in the second fifty, despite being in quite a lot of pain from a fall earlier on, for me it was the stuff of dreams!

The organisers and trail builders did a brilliant job, if it wasn't so far away I would love to go back.

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Where did you have the off?

I had a few moments in the singletrack but thats just cos I'm a spastic.. but fortunately never came off.

The singletrack was phenomenal! I must admit I enjoyed the 2nd 50 more than the first 50. I found the first 50 a bit slow and tight but the second was fast and flowing, not to mention some of the crazy downhill singletrack sections! Its a shame I didn't know the trail and did the majority of it all in the hardest propedal setting.


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on how good the single track was and your comment on the distance LadyToast prompted me to think how good would it be if a Mob was to descend upon the area for their annual holidays?

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