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What to do

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By Brian - Posted on 10 September 2008

Re: This ride meeting: 
Angry Doctor & Irate Intern 2008
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It must be said again "Awesome Track"

I started the race as I normally start most rides, which is with the plan to take it easy to make sure I have enough to get to the end. Well, as usual the excitement got the better of me and I found going through Old Mogo Town I wash pushing to try to get ahead. As I started towards the end of the group it was fairly congested climbing the first hills but I was going ok. Then I spotted Liam in the distance and as I was trying to catch up but it was too late and we hit the single track where the traffic jam began. Every time a hill came I took the opportunity to pass people and I think it was in this early stage that made the rest quite a challenge.

It was only around the 3km mark where I thought my heart rate monitor was playing up as it wouldn't stop beeping. I looked down to see what was going on and found my heart rate was holding above my maximum of 195bpm. Thinking it wasn't reading properly I stopped to look and as soon as I stopped it started to go down. I took of again and bang, it was straight over 195bpm again. I didn't feel it should have been so high but it kept rocketing. From here I took it easier but still struggled on the climbs. Like everyone has said though, the downhill single track was so sweet but you knew there was another climb just around the corner.

I'm glad I could enjoy the 50 and there is no way I could have done the 100. My only question is do I do the 50 again to better my time or train and go the 100 because I am definitely going back.

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I too have the same problem of being unable to contain myself.... I mean its a RACE! Sticking out tongue

I was pushing hard right from the start and I thought, will I have enough for the end? But I just couldn't seem to hold myself back.

For the doctor, I'd say do the 100, just because I feel the 2nd 50 had some of the fastest most fun singletrack ever! It was a real blast and every uphill grind was rewarded with a phenomenal downhill! Smiling


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