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LED Headlight Design - 1+2+1

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By Rob - Posted on 18 October 2006

This was the fourth idea idea I came up with. It's a hybrid between Stuart's 2x2 and the others I guess.

Am liking it a lot because the end two LEDs can be adjusted independently of each other and the middle two (which are fixed together, but that's good).

The LEDs are bolted to Berocca tubes (hence the green) and then into 20x20x1.5mm aluminium angle. For the middle two they are then fixed and hinged to the transparent box behind (83x54x30mm) which holds the control electronics. The end two are hinged through the same centre of rotation but can be moved separately. You could even bend the aluminium angle a little for these end two, so as to change their direction horizontally.


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