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2010 Giant MTB's

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By Buck - Posted on 04 August 2009

Just saw the 2010 Giant range online. Lots of new bikes across the range from XC to DH and everything in between!
Sub 10kg Anthem duallie with SRAM XX

Carbon Trance X

Sub 14kg Reign X



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And your bloody porn

That Anthem is stealth

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I have to say that the new Giant line-up is rather impressive!

Wonder what the pricing will be like?

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I was in Hornsby Cycles a week ago and they were thinking that the 2010 range may actually be cheaper. Unconfirmed of course.

Then again a full carbon duallie with SRAM XX is not going to be cheap either way!

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Projected pricing is as follows:

Anthem X Advanced SL0: US$7,800 (approx £4,660)

Anthem X Advanced SL1: $4,950 (approx £2,960)

Trance X Advanced SL0: $6,800 (approx £4,070)

Trance X Advanced SL1: $4,950 (approx £2,960)

Reign X0: $5,650 (approx £3,380)

Reign X 1: $3,600 (approx £2,150)

Reign X 2: $2,250 (approx £1,350)

Faith 0: $4,125 (approx £2,470)

Faith 1: $3,100 (approx £1,850)

Glory 0: $5,350 (approx £3,200)

Glory 1: $4,125 (approx £2,470)

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Q: Giant do know they are not a boutique bike brand, don't they?

A: Obviously not!

Don't get me wrong - they are OK, but Giant is a mass produced brand. I was just looking at Competitive Cyclist for example, at a Blur XC Carbon (just for fun you understand) which was easy cheaper than that Anthem and has so much more cred Cool

Add the fact that you can pick and choose components for something like the Blur (and still be cheaper) and Giant doesn't look the bargain it was a couple years back.

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I reckon the seatpost on that Trance X needs to be a bit longer Eye-wink...

... the way that top tube runs down on the same line as the seatstays I'm wondering maybe it has ambitions as a DJ bike?

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I reckon if you specced a Blur Carbon with a full SRAM XX groupset including the XX Sid fork then you'd still see the Giant as still reasonably priced.

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Goto CC ( and see for yourself.

I just put in the Blur XC Carbon with full SRAM XX group set (cranks/brakes/front/rear/cassette), Mavic SLR wheels, RLC QR15 fork, Thompson stem/post (masterpiece), Monkeylite bars and it still only came to $6771US - that's a a grand less than Anthem prices shown here!

Weight was 9509g for the large (dunno if they account for frame sizing mind)... dribble Sticking out tongue

Although you'd probably take the Industry Nine Ultralite wheels for pretty much the same money and drop 200g weight Smiling

You mention the XX SID World Cup fork - even including that still only pushed price up to $7157US - but the weight seems to be doing something funny so can't quote that.

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Any pics or prices on the standard reign? or has it been dropped?

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On this BA thread, (although it hasn't been updated in a while) regarding Giant sale prices or give them (or any other Giant stockist) a call.


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Ah, well... that's old news, they have got their site updated now so their sale details are here:

25% of a selection of '09 Giants so snap it up sharp! Laughing out loud

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From what i can gather off of other sites and forums,
is the the standard 6" travel reign is being dropped from the 2010 range.
Am thinking about jumping on the Reign bandwagon (on sale)
Perfect bike for NZ trails when i move back home

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one new X0 reign please Smiling
The new faith is pretty tempting though!
Anyone want to buy my old Faith?

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That would be really weird to drop the Reign as it's been a best seller the past few years - no Giant 6" AM bike for 2010?


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