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XC Tyre combo help

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By hairylittlehobbit - Posted on 30 March 2010

Im doing my first race soon, DW50. Just looking at getting some lighter/quicker tyres. any help would be good

Thinking of the below combos

Front + Rear
1. Monorail + Cross Mark

2. Aspen + Monorail

3. Aspen + Cross Mark

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There is a current thread ( on tyres which has some pretty good comments. Not specifically about those combinations but plenty of good advice and ideas so worth adding your combinations into the mix and seeing what info. all involved have on them!

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For that race specifically, there is hardly any rough stuff at all. Something like 40km is bitumen road, dirt road, or firetrail. Suffering through the rough stuff should be okay on slippy tyres, but perservere as you will make up heaps of time everywhere else.

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