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Magishine 1400

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By LadyToast - Posted on 08 September 2010

Got my new light today, only took 3 weeks. From the boxing and connecting it all up it looks sweet, really well made. Battery quite heavy and big compared to the Ay-Ups but might be worth it if it's as good as it reckons. One cool thing is the multicolour "fuel gauge" switch.

Sure looks bright in the office Smiling

Magishine 1400 - Switch Magishine 1400 - Inside Magishine 1400 - Front Magishine 1400 - Box

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I would like to see how they look compared to the old magic shine I have and V's HID technologies lights...

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Tell em the price son.............

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ones Dylan that have just come out ?

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I suspect this is their source:

$119.05 inc shipping (this is probably USD - it doesn't say).

The original Magic Shine was barely compact compared to what is out there now - this thing must be quite unwieldy on the helmet.

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Robs got it right, I got it at DX. Price was AUD $133

I thought it would be a lot larger than it is, but I don't plan to use it on my noggin, I have the ay-up for that. I read a few reviews about it before I jumped in and it does compare favourably. I'll be using it tomorrow night so should be able to report back then.

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Well after a night ride I have a few comments.

Firstly its really bright Smiling I mean way too bright for road use on full power.
The beam patterns are really good, the smaller lights fill in the sides and near field really well, the larger P7 is probably similar to the older 900 unit and it strong by itself also had good spread but with a nice hot spot that travels "miles".
On the road the two near field lights are all you need to be honest, with street lights they are more than enough. This doesn't dazzle other road users.
The fuel gauge is really handy, I had it running for about 40 minutes on green before it went to blue indication that I had reached 75%
The battery is completely redesigned on this model, I did hear problems with the MS900 batteries letting in water and generally breaking. The battery mount strap is good.
It comes with everything you need to get going.

The control button is a little hard to press and cycle through settings quickly, although you probably wouldn't touch it that often once you were used to it.
The mounting is a bit wobbly on my road bike, but that bike does have foam bar tape so I should test on the mountain bike really. And to be honest it's not that bad.
It's a bit annoying that you have to cycle through the off position when you want to change the light order, leaving you in the dark.

I'm looking forward to testing it off-road. From what I can tell it's more than enough light and with a helmet mounted light as well it looks like a winner. Overall I'm more than happy with the $140 spent.

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