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Always remember to lock your bike

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By philberesford - Posted on 03 November 2010

A day at the beach

I spotted this sweet ride down on the North Steyne this arvo and couldn't resist to get a shot or two away.

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great shot too!

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You do take good pictures Smiling

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Do you always carry a 5D around? Eye-wink

Very nice shot though, perhaps it's worth it Laughing out loud

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Thanks for the nice comments lads

@rob, now I have the little'un I take the camera everywhere with me. So heavy pack? Yeah, you could say that. But definitely worth it Smiling

@dylan, you've got it all to come mate. Endless fun, good luck with it. FWIW I rode Dirtworks 2 weeks after the birth of my kid so we'll see you at The Fling yeah? - lol

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....given you rode Dirtworks 2 weeks after the birth of your bub. I am three months in (baby no 2) and am too tired to even train properly and have sold my Full Fling ticket Sad

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I'm not so sure this should be encouraged - lol

Congrats on #2 Smiling sorry you've flogged your ticket Sad

FWIW Training has gone out of the window for me too, just happy to be getting any riding in, thank god I live next door to the dam.

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