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Kincumber ride Sunday the 15th

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By Caro - Posted on 13 July 2007

Sunday, 15 July, 2007 - 10:13

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
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Kincumber Reserve
Meeting Point: 

Kincumber Reserve


Alright! Mind is made up!!

Kincumber it is!

The "new track advisors" are telling me it has both nice XC and DH parts. For this ride I would like to do more of the XC and actually do some 'riding' Eye-wink.
Meaning yes we will do the DH jumps (or at least two of us and it's not me Smiling ) and tricks but won't spend much time on playing and picture taking at each spot.
(Of course only to have more time for lunch after Smiling

I hope that suits everyone.
Can't wait!!!


Who's in?
davis_jnr, shano, Paul, Little-Ditty, petulance, Gilbo, miguel832, blackbetty (8 riders)
davis_jnr shano Paul Little-Ditty petulance Gilbo miguel832 blackbetty
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thats funny ytime I was hoping for 10.14. Put me down as a tentative yes and I will confirm later today. Anybody need a lift? I live in Chatswood


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I was hoping for an early start like say 10.12.

I'm keen but put me down as a tentative until I check with the boss and count the brownie points (not too many left after buying the new bike).


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The 10:13 start time is most likely for my benefit, just in case I was going, I always take a couple of extra minutes to get ready Sticking out tongue

Little-Ditty's picture

Don't worry Caro. Unlike these other slackers who have no punctuality, I will be there at 10:13.

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tienster's picture

If my cold gets better in time, any chance for a lift from Wahroonga, just off Pacific Hwy, on your way to the ride

Itchy to get out for a ride

Please let me know

lorrie's picture

will PM you.


Gilbo's picture

glad its 10ish - the six o'clock starts on the weekend was starting to kill me.

see you all there, ive got a mate over from Perth who will be riding aswell, so thats two more.

+ me new bike. !!!

NB - Wikipedia states a 10-13 as:

10-13 Advise Weather/Road Conditions
Officer in need of assistance
Mental health patient transport (??)

Caro's picture

Wikipedia.. hey?
Laughing out loud

Carlgroover's picture

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Hi there, this will be my first ride with nobmob, I will see you at the meeting point.

petulance's picture

Where and when?


I'm in. Though I'll be sensible and will be staying well clear of the DH course. Eye-wink

There is room in the car for one more bike, leaving from Randwick up the Pacific Highway so give me a yell if anyone needs a lift.

Little-Ditty's picture

Bronzewing Drive is right near Erina Fair, and some other pubs and stuff. Plus the main part of Gosford (near the pubs on the waterfront) is not far away either - like, 3km. Eating options will be easy. I feel a post ride big brekkie comin' on!! Laughing out loud

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to have you on board Miguel832!

Liam sounds excellent!
Yuuummm Brekkie! I think this will be a fast ride Eye-wink

Can't wait! (for the ride of course)
C u at 10.13 sharp Smiling

shano's picture

Glad I came on this you could ever want..
rocks, endless hills and singletrack too!
thanks all for enjoyable company and a good effort all round.

Little-Ditty's picture

Thanks for hosting this ride Caro. You have certainly made for a great day for all. Hope you liked it. Laughing out loud

I think there is definitely something for everyone at this trail. Plus something that people may want to do, but can't currently do, but soon will accumulate the skills to accomplish sooner or later. Whether its big or small. You just need to work up to it. When we get back out there again, you can give it a go.

And sorry to all that I was late arriving. Sad You were good to me about this. Eye-wink

petulance's picture

And a fun day was had by all. It was good to put faces to names.

I think the post-ride bacon and eggs negated all the wholesome healthiness achieved by the hill climbing earlier in the day


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I must have driven past those hills 30 plus times and never thought there would be so much packed in there.

There were some bad-ass hills, much steeper and longer than Cascades, (probably on a par with Demtel), rutted and eroded water courses that really tested and a homeward run that ranks with the best.

Thanks guys - loved it (sorry I had to ride and run).


blackbetty's picture

being the first time riding with nobmob i found it really welcoming and accommodating for all levels of riding/fitness. Very keen to go on another ride.

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Rob's picture

... sucks.

Given your GPS has a barometric altimeter you're better off with MB Corrections on, but Gravity off.

P.S. Only 2 climbs... pah! Sticking out tongue

davis_jnr's picture

I actually have not set it up properly....have to get to sea level and zero the bloody thing....just got to remember next time...maybe sunday....

Rob's picture

Doh!... BTW, pics of the day are in their own gallery now:

We need a 'make me a gallery for this ride' button don't we? Eye-wink

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it was another great day at Kincumber, as Liam posted.. it'll be one to visit again. My mate from Perth was blown away with all the riding avail in the Sydney area, with this ride being the best of the three trails we did. (the other two were Manly and Terrey Hills)

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