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Morgan Road, Power Lines

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By Stuart M - Posted on 09 February 2006

Has anybody ridden "Power Lines" at Morgan Road recently, ie last six months. The Sydney Trails Book I have says it has some steep and progressively bigger shutes the further into the trail you go, but this review is atleast three years old. I am trying to gauge what it is like before I commit to it and the associated long uphill back out of it.

In case you have explored it without knowing its name, "Power Lines" comes off the main fire trail about half way between the carpark and the flying club fence. It drops off onto the the right side and its start also doubles as the start to nursery rhymes.

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Talking to the guys at the weekend I believe the top part (from the main firetrail down) is actually Nursery Rhymes.

Either way, yes, it's pretty tricky with some big drops but then nice single trail.

If you went down there (from the main trail) a while after the steep stuff you come to a junction, turn right there to head to the bottom of the hill (where the Downhill comes out) or carry on to end up on Morgan Road Firetrail (I think that part is the real Powerlines trail).

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