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Group night riding Manly Dam when it's closed

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By jedijunglesnow - Posted on 29 July 2011

Last night, a bit after 8pm, I was at the top of Nyrang Rd, when a group of about 6 riders came riding down the trail. I tried to stop the first one to explain the trail was closed due to the wet etc, but he ignored me and kept riding. I said the trail is closed to another, who said ( with an attitude) " I didn't see any signs mate!".

Finally the last one came by and actually said " Why would it be closed" and laughed. I said " Obviously due to all the rain, show some respect", which he thought was very funny indeed.

They were all wearing matching Jet Black Cycles team jerseys, so pretty easy to identify. I pointed this out to them as they all rode off ( through the mud).

Their attitude was unbelievable, almopst an air of elitism about it, like the trail closures don't apply to them.

Name and shame I say - I believe it shows the council we are against this sort of behaviour, not turning a blind eye and sweeping it under a rug.

I will be sending an email to Jet Black Cycles, as well as posting this on Rotorburn and maybe even every other mtb website I can think of.

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It's disappointing to see riders like this who should know better. They obviously don't care how their actions reflect a very negative image on Jet Black as a company. There is a difference between elitism and professionalism.

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Might have just been a bunch of guys who get/got free Jerseys from a supplier/event/other rider.

You don't really want to be slamming them all over the net without proof.

Best idea would be to email Jet Black and politely profess your disappointment in their 'sponsored' athletes in ignoring the closed trail signs and how it's negatively altered your perception of their brand.

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I agree, and I already emailed them this morning.

I did say " If these riders are representing your products and your company ", and pointed out that this has already tainted my view of their company.

Haven't had a reply yet, be curious to see if I do.

Either way, yes, poor from indeed.

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Just an update, I received a reply form Jet Black;

" Thanks for your concern with the trails and how they are used and maintained. I just thought I would point out to you before you get the wrong idea. The riders were not from our office as we are at Windsor and only myself lives anywhere near the dam. Unfortunately when people disrespect others and more importantly the trails that are there for all we can only try and teach or inform them to look after what is there for ALL. We sold over 500 jerseys at the Scott 24hr race last October..."

So Jet Black cycles do not a have a renegrade team out there ruining it for the rest of us, and sounds like they do know what's up.

I'd love for the riders in question to be reading this thread...

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i think this really shows the need for the council to erect proper open/closed signage at all car park areas of the dam. I never knew in my early days of riding that the council would close it until i found this website.

These guys were either: unaware it was closed and dont know about issues with damaging the trails when wet or they simply couldn't give a s#@t.

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Hi all,
The Jetblack - RT - WSMTB 12 Hour is coming up on 13 August. It would be worth mentioning track care there. These guys may have been out for a practice ride. I'll keep an eye out for them at Dargle Farm on the 13th.

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Who rides in a group wearing matching kit ?
Either they are some type of team,......
or they're just a group of men who like hanging out together in the bush at night wearing complimentary clothing.
Don't be too quick to jump to conclusions.

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.....I have never met a group of riders who ride together in the same kit out of coincidence...regardless of the fact that Jet Black may have sold 500 kits!! As the saying goes, if it looks like a team, rides like a team, and smells like a team, then it is probably a team.

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Maybe the Dam was dry enough to ride last night?

And unless you are a forum regular, how would you know?

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The dam is officially opening again today, so I guess it looked pretty dry yesterday; it hasn't rained for over a week; and there's no signage to say it's closed.

Despite their elite attitude I reckon it's probably a bit harsh to be blaming the Not Jet Black Team for riding there... as Ben said, how would you know?

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Are we wearing matching kit tomorrow?

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so as not to be seen on a dark cold winters night doing the wrong thing?

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The jetblack jersey were 4 sale at the 24hr at Del Rio earlier this year so no good ringing Jetblack.. I have one too & no I only ridden the dam twice in 2 yrs & I do know for a fact that they are mostly downhill riders too as they have only have a few xc riders .

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I think it's good to make some noise about riding a closed trail. Emails, forums posts, but they don't put out signs?

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Yes they do. People ride up, read them, and then keep going. Sad

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