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Clarance street cycle's

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By mccann - Posted on 15 September 2007

In June I bought a trek top fuel 9.8 from the above shop, it is carbon fibre and the cable to the back shock gouged the main frame of the bike by 3mm deep.

The service I got at Clarence st was out of this world they give me a choice of carbon fibre or aluminium frame I chose aluminium and got new front and back shocks 140mm travel only had 90mm before. New chain, xtr deraliers, tyres, chain rings back and front, new polar S725 and a full service no questions asked. when I was told of CSC I thought there is no way I am going to the city for a bike. Now they have a client for life I would like to say three cheers for Clarence street and all their staff.

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same thing happened to me, i done care that its incredibly inconvienient to go there compared to closer shops, ill always go there now! they rock!

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