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King of Kincumba

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By trailburner - Posted on 14 August 2012

Saturday, 22 September, 2012 (All day)

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Kincumber Reserve
Meeting Point: 

Kincumber Hotel

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Running for the second year this Charity Race is brought to you by the Kincumber Hotel and Rocky Trail. 32km Challenge and free 3km fun ride for the family.

Who's in?
trailburner, Antsonline, unclebullbar
trailburner Antsonline unclebullbar
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This is one of those secret little races! I (along with the full Jet Racing team) will be there. Bring it on!

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I didn't see you at the track ,I saw Jenny there

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I encouraged my friend to enter his first race yesterday, so I stuck with him and played coach for the day. I'm sorry, but that course was awful. Next year, I will donate my entry and ride Ourimbah instead.

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I encouraged my friend to enter his first race yesterday, so I stuck with him and played coach for the day. I'm sorry, but that course was awful. Next year, I will donate my entry fee and ride Ourimbah instead.

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But it certainly wasn't my cup of tea... Give me some decent single track anyway.. Or maybe my opinion has been softened somewhat by achieving my best ever result - 5th in the Masters - stoked Smiling makes the pain from the blisters not so bad... My newish SIDIs weren't made for so much walking....

Managed to punch out a couple of laps of Ourimbah on the Friday arvo. Much more fun!!!

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All fire trail with some very rocky descents and lots of uphill where even walking up was difficult! Agree with uncle bullbar... I wouldn't do it again

But it was a very well organized event. Something I have come to expect from Rocky Trail. And might I add that every race I have been to I have always managed to have decent chat to someone who shares the mtb stoke and there's always lots of smiles. Great stuff.

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Didn't all the proceeds go to charity?
Fair enough if it was one of their regular events where they took the proceeds but when they're giving up their time for nothing?
Also, isn't it partly run by the Kincumba Hotel? I suppose they were just making the most of what trails they had in the area around the Hotel?
Correct me if i'm wrong?

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Fair enough Gazman. Yes, a lot of people worked very hard, money was raised for two great charities, and lots of people were out riding bikes: which is what it's all about, right? However, as an enjoyment barometer, I guarantee you that absolutely no one in the history of the universe, will ever say, "Hey, lets go for a ride on the King of Kincumba course, it'll be so much fun." Unfortunately, I don't think any of the single track at Kincumba Mtn can be ridden legally which, as you say, limits the course capabilities. Happy for my mate to finish, happy to tick another race off my to-do list, happy to catch up with mates and fly the Bikeworx flag, but it won't get entered in my diary next year.

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which bike were u on ? I was one of the track marshalls that drove from Sydney to enjoy the day at Kincumber as a volunteer , I was the one who was on the second downhill telling everyone that there was a u turn ahead & slow down & enjoy the ride ..
p.s who wasn't hooting down the fire road & enjoying themselves as u know if you go down you must go up again .

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I was on a black and blue anthem with my Bikeworx buddy on his Fuel ex. I think we disappointed you when you asked us if we were the last riders and we let you know that there were definitely riders behind us. Thankyou for helping out mate!

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I had my son up the top waiting to do the kids race & was keen to get back up the top to ride with him & make sure he was ok . When the first few riders came down I thought the race started late as I had no communication with anybody up top or there might have been a huge wipeout somewhere , as I said sorry for asking if you were the last lot to come down the hill I was more worried about my young fella .

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Please don't be sorry - we were slow!

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