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Sunday 23? Royal National Park?

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By Rob - Posted on 19 April 2006

I won't be riding this Saturday, but anyone else up for something Sunday? I mean, aside from Stuart's usual crazy too early thing? Erm... sorry Stuart Eye-wink

I have to drop down to Alexandria early so figure, why not keep on going and do a trip round the Royal NP?

Any takers?

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I'll check with Liz but I'm up for it

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More information please? What, where exactly and distance?

I was at Thredbo last weekend. My family and our freinds took a trip up to Mt Kosiosko look out. I took my bike down but didnt get to do the wild thing on the mountain (not the right time). Man I tell you watching all the down hill mountain bikers having an excellent time was killing me. It was like doing a tour of a brewery and not being able to have a beer, Grrrr!

Anyway, back to reality, Robin, give me the facts please on RNP.

Hey Peter/Jeff, Please post any down hill rides you might like to do this weekend otherwise I would like to do the ultra technical (Hidden Trail) of the Cascades.

Greg (pikey)

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When we do the Royal we usually park at Luftus Oval, then do temptation creek and down to Audley, Lady Carrington Drive, up to the train station, back North along the path by the train lines and then cut East back into the park for some single track fun. About 40Kms, nothing too technical but the climb to the train track is 20 minutes of fun Eye-wink

As for Cascades, 'ultra technical'... do you mean the red track:

If you're referring to that Northshore style stuff near the top of Heath Track, we had a look last week... it's pretty nice, but peters out after 100m or so Sad

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Robin, yes I mean the red track on the map and heading left at the "Y" junction at the two third mark. Would you agree it's one of the most technical drops we ride on the north shore? other than the new loop we did a while back that finished on the west side of the oxford falls.

I,m going to join Jeff (and hopefully others)at Red Hill tomorrow and at this stage will catch you guys at RNP on Sunday morning,

Greg (Pikey)

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In case it wasn't implied... see you Sunday, 8:30am, Loftus Oval.

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Todays ride:

Summary Data
Total Time (h:m:s) 2:03:09
Moving Time (h:m:s) 1:59:28
Distance (km) 35.44
Moving Speed (kph) 17.8 avg. 57.0 max.
Elevation Gain (m) +682 / -686

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