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A Very Red Hill Sunday - deck the halls with drops and roll downs! :)

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By Little-Ditty - Posted on 18 December 2007

Sunday, 23 December, 2007 - 07:30

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
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Red Hill

A very Christmas ride, with only 2 days before Santa arrives! Laughing out loud

Destinations to visit will include 4wd Follies, Mr MX, Garden of Gullies, etc.

This is a technical ride on a technical trail. New riders are more than welcome - it will add to the Christmas cheer! - but may struggle a bit. But don't let that put you off. Remember, we are all there to learn! But wear some of your guards if you have any.

Meet at the Reserve car park, off Lady Penrhyn Drive. See the google map link. I will be in the blue Mazda.

See ya there!

0438 885 410

Who's in?
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christine's picture

oooh you are a cruel man!!
Ok... i am keen.. however! i do have a party in Coogee to go to Saturday night so MAY have to meet you out there somewhere so will you have your phone?
i will make every effort to be there at 7.30... remotely sober! hee hee

Bruce's picture

That will be a first for a Red Hill ride! haha

Little-Ditty's picture

The 7:30 a.m. start is to ensure we are done way before midday. There is too much on to have this drag into the arvo.

ScottM's picture

I'm in. Hopefully I wont be completely buggered from Ourimbah the day before!

GHOST_BIKER's picture

Im coming up from Canberra to do the Ourimbah ride and only bringing one bike. Is this ride somthing I could on a downhill bike? or not worth it?

christine's picture

aka Gazza bought his downhill bike because of Red Hiill!!
come along!

MEEE Smiling

GeordieAndy's picture

OK will come along to RH for the first time and will try and behave on Saturday night! Boo Hoo!

Little-Ditty's picture


For Ourimbah, you would definitely want your A-line. It is a dedicated DH course.

Red Hill is slower, but can still use a DH or free ride bike on. We will be riding around the trails with up and down hills, with no shuttles available. The hills are not that large. Some guys take a DH bike to this, and are happy to plug around at the back of the pack while we are travelling from place to place. You could also bring a FF helmet if you have one, but it is not really needed. All up, you will be riding about 15-20 km of XC trails.

If I was you, I would bring the A-line.

whippet's picture

Awesome call Liam,

I'm in for sure.... I might need to arrive a touch earlier to keep up with you bike crazy freaks!!! Forget the downhill bike what about a old crap xc jamis with v brakes? Maybe I should throw in a pair of hiking boots just in case.
A scared Whippet.

Paul's picture

Ho, Ho, Ho, I'll be there with bells on (and tinsle, and armour).

As I live just near "itchy and scratchy" I'm going to start from the opposite end and ride cross country and should meet up with you before you reach the Aboriginal carvings. There no way I can miss a mob that big.

ar_junkie's picture

Alarm clock - check
Bike - check
Armour - check
Weather control - bing bong...

Hoping the rain dies down soon... what a shame, it's been warm and windy for the last couple of days and whack, the heavens open now...

Andy Bloot's picture

Can't miss this one. Bit late to ask, but if anyones got any spare arm or knee guards for loan for the day, I'd be forever grateful. Looking at buying my own soon.

Whisperer's picture

As long as it's not raining I'll be there - the sandstone-grit-filled-puddles are too hard on the drivetrain if it's really wet.
I'll bring my spare knee/shin guards for you to try.

Andy Bloot's picture

thanks, whisperer. hopefully won't be too wet

Brian's picture

This will be my maiden NoBMoB ride. I am not sure what to expect but can't wait.

Rogue's picture

I nearly went on my first nobmob ride today up at ourimbah but my mate who i got a lift with decided it was too wet, so I'll be joining you at red hill for my first ride, if you don't mind another tagging along. Haven't ridden much lately so looking forward to it.
I'll be the guy on an ellsworth rogue


arpit's picture

Well, I had a little nap this arvo after all the riding. My watch says I rode for 4 hours exactly, with an average heart rate of 121 BPM and burning 1096 calories.

I was going to upload the photos I took to nobmob, however as far as I can see I would need to upload them individually. I took 128 photos, so the task looked a little daunting.

I deleted most of them, trimming my collection down to 50 or so. I'm uploading them to flikr right now:

ScottM's picture

Great photos - especially the action shot of me!

Thanks everyone for a top day, I had a great time.


Little-Ditty's picture

Those series of pictures of Craig are a hoot!! Smiling Well done capturing that!!

GeordieAndy's picture

I enjoyed my first trip to Red Hill. And thanks to George and Mildred for the hospitality afterwards, that was a top bacon sarnie Gazza - seriously the best one I've had down under!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

pikey's picture

Nice one of Caroline taking on a very steep section of Red Hill

Caro's picture

Hi there!

Thanks for organising the best ride ever Ditty! (well it feels like that right now Smiling)

What a perfect day! The weather was awesome and many people I've love riding with were there as well as some guys I hadn't met before (it very nice too meet you!).

Last time we rode at Red Hill I still rode the hardtail and even though I felt I could ride most of the stuff I dare just fine, the extra travel and comfort of the back suspension of the new bike are just great! I am over the moon about riding down the pink rock and just loved it Smiling ! Thank you so much everybody for your moral support and kick in the b....!

It is so great to ride with all of you to see what is possible (and what is not) Eye-wink. I love watching you guys ride and am always amazed to see what you are able to do. I would never have dreamed a year ago I would be able to ride any of that stuff and can't wait for all the new trails and lines to come.
Thanks for the great year packed with fun, lots of laughs and a couple of bruises! ;-D

Have a great x-mas ride today!

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