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No girlfriend on Valentine's day....

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By Hans - Posted on 14 February 2013

No girlfriend on Valentine's day....

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Keep it on the down low and don't tell anyone. I bought a new bike today Smiling

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There's gonna be a lot of CX racing in Sydney and Newcastle over the winter.
Get into it. Brilliant fun!

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What makes a CX bike a CX bike?

Can it be a MTB with 700c wheels?

Do they have disc brakes or cantilever or conventional roady brakes?

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Cx bike has no suspension, drop bars, maximum 35mm tyres and any brakes you like - yes disc brakes are allowed Smiling
So technically yes, if you had a rigid MTB with drop bars and skinny tyres you could play.

Like Gazza said, there looks like being a lot of CX racing available in NSW this winter and the more the merrier!

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Hrmm, I wonder if there is any local CX racing. Looks like my commuter could be a good candidate. Just need to install drop bars. lol

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There will be racing up at Terrey hills through winter.

I'll make an effort to post the events here when they get locked in.

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I cannot understand CX. I can't think of a better way to make life on a bike harder!

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Where can I go watch & get on the piss Gazza?

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Thanks DS!

Just had a kid, so travelling for XC racing isn't really an option. But if there are some local CX races, it'd be good to have a reason to get out of bed to commute the long way. Smiling

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