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2013 Wollombi Wild Ride

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By Lach - Posted on 08 August 2013

Saturday, 7 September, 2013 - 08:30

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

3.5 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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The Wollombi Tavern

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The race compound and registration area will be in the grounds of the Wollombi Tavern. From there riders will marshal for their starts and head out the back gate and onto the Yango Creek Rd. All courses start and end here, with the finish being a right hand turn into the grounds of the Tavern to the finish arch. The Wild 15 course is out and back and the Wild 30 & 60 are both looped courses . Please note there are no road closures on the main tracks and normal road rules apply when using the roadways. We do not expect much traffic and a traffic management plan will be in place. Please be aware the course has some very steep climbs and decents. The surface is mostly fire trails and gravel roads which have various degrees of condition, from 'rough as guts' to quite smooth. Course maps are on the Course Map tab.

Note that the land along Moores Rd is private property. Please respect this.

Who's in?
inertia, Lach, Winco, StevieG, MrSarcastic, sleepalldayride... (6 riders)
inertia Lach Winco StevieG MrSarcastic sleepalldayrideallnight
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Lach Mild 60 Finished 03:02:59 109 21

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I'll be on the singlespeed... Anyone being silly?

sleepalldayrideallnight's picture

I'll do it on an overweight AM bike

inertia's picture

Full face and armour?

sleepalldayrideallnight's picture

board shorts and T Shirt,,,, maybe the complimentary shirt I get from the entry I just filled out

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Does anyone have any experience on how steep the climbs are? If they're calling it out in the description it must be steeper than average so I'm wondering if I need a smaller ring on my 1 x 9 (currently running 36t)

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... that you will probably walk unless you have a granny. 10km each end of near-flat dirt road where you will want the bigger gear. If I wasn't cramping, I would have probably been able to ride most of the rest on the SS.

This is last years (on the SS):
(there is an extra out-and-back at the end that isn't in this years race).

And I did this ride last weekend with gears and gastro:

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Thanks Grant, perfect info. A couple of long climbs there but they're early enough that I may be able to get away with them before the hurty hurt starts. Might make sense to keep the 36t on for the flats though

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If its any help, I did this race last year, and its probably one of the most awkward to get gearing right for - if you are running 1x9.
The climb early on in the race finishes with a steep little slope (up to what was the KOM award point last year) - the slope is also loose so traction is tough.
Once over that climb, there are a lot of VERY fast sections - so you will want a higher gear. Especially coming home - there is a dirt road section that had a tail wind last year, totally flat with a number of little creek / causeway style water crossings - it was fast.

Its a lovely race. You wont get your singeltrack fix, but if you are looking for a good day out, nice pub burger afterwards, and pretty countryside, then its a winner.
Be aware that it was ridiculously cold at the start last year, but by halfway through the race, it was really warm. Once the sun floods into the valley - its great. Until then, its frosty grass / see your breath type cold.

Hop fiend's picture

Got the Aust. Electrol Comm. to have a polling booth set up.....

Lach's picture

.... but you can get a postal vote from the AEC (on line) if you're out of your electorate for the day. Better than standing in a queue with a bunch of smelly mtber's after the race.... Smiling

inertia's picture

I think the significant aspect of Robbies question is: will there be a sausage sizzle an lamington stall?

Lach's picture

... could probably advise on that one! Would be in competition with the sausage sizzle at the pub if there was though.....

@ Discdan - I did the mid-range version last year which involved going up both the hills in this year's 60km ride. The worst bit of the first was short but very steep and loose and there weren't enough gears on my bike (or on most of the bikes being pushed beside me). The second was less daunting and would probably be mostly a middle ring climb for good climbers - even I didn't run out of gears!

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