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Bikes outsell cars for 10th year running

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By hawkeye - Posted on 10 August 2013

From my BikeSA membership newsletter:

Bike Sales have outstripped car sales for the tenth year in a row....

Over 1.4 million bikes were imported into Australia in the last financial year. Adult bikes in particular are seeing significant growth. In a campaign week when $200m federal money is promised to the car industry, comparatively little is being invested in cycling infrastructure.

Is it time for bikes to get more money?

Read more at Bike Industry mag Bike Biz.

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Well not many bikes are manufactured in Australia and the government are investing in the manufacturing of cars.
They can't really invest in something that is happening overseas.

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The subsidy of car manufacturers is beyond belief. Not just here, but in many places around the world.

If the general population have to pay someone to build something (and that is what government subsidies, tax breaks, etc. for this industry is) then why not pay for something useful that people want? Clue for those who don't get it: if you're not selling enough large Australian sedans for the factories here to be profitable without these handouts, get out of the market for said vehicles!

Basically, there are just too many car manufacturers left where there is no market. IMHO, governments supporting multiple manufacturers who cannot stand on their own is akin to a third world farmer who can't see that a smaller number of healthy cattle is better than many half starved to death. Only... this is doing a disservice to such farmers, because those ideas seem to be on the wane or have gone completely, whereas politicians in 'developed' countries haven't got the message yet! Sad


Anyhow... no surprise about the numbers. Everyone here knows bikes are good! Laughing out loud

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