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Sat 20th - Red Hill

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By Rob - Posted on 14 May 2006

Hi all,

This Saturday Greg, Jeff and I will be heading out to Red Hill. Open invite, all are welcome to join:

Where: Red Hill Reserve car park, off Lady Penryhn Drive, Beacon Hill.
When: 8:30am, Sat 20th May.

Don't be put off by what it says on the write up (which needs updating so I'd better try and get my bearings around here!). This will NOT be a XC or fitness related ride so we won't be doing many Ks and will be stopping regularly to practice skills over the sometimes rather technical terrain.

Greg say's it's a good oppotunity for newbies to learn how to handle roll offs and the like, but don't forget what his idea of a roll off is (something at least as high as your front wheel!). He also said, "I like the idea of being a teacher (Ha Ha)" so be afraid! Eye-wink



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Haven't left any claret or bark at Red Hill yet so count me in.

I will be there by 8.15 so please let me know if you cancel.


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Top turn out and riding today guys, here's the profile:

The video from my stills camera is crappy 320x240, 15FPS - not the best but good for a laugh perhaps. Given how dark it was most of the pics are quiet blury too. Not sure any of it is worthy of sticking on the site (don't like postage stamp vids), but if there are any requests let me know.

Craig has pledged to bring his DV camera next time Smiling

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OK, OK - so they may be terrible quality (don't say I didn't warn you), but here you go. Re-compressed with XviD codec (download XviD codec here) to save some bytes (I believe the DivX codec also handles this format):

Jeff, "Now that's what I call getting too far back...": 345-4522_mvi_XviD.avi

Pete, "Easy, easy...": 345-4522_mvi_XviD.avi 345-4522_mvi_XviD.avi

Colin, "Fcuk that...": 345-4526_mvi_XviD.avi

Craig, "Ooof...": 345-4527_mvi_XviD.avi

Rob, "Switch it off...": 345-4531_mvi_XviD.avi

Greg, "Waaaaaayyyyy...": 345-4532_mvi_XviD.avi

Pete wheelie steps: 345-4541_mvi_XviD.avi

Stranger on half size hardtail: 345-4542_mvi_XviD.avi

Greg, "Whhhaaarrrrr...": 345-4545_mvi_XviD.avi

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is the codec for download? There is only source that I can see

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See that link that says, '(download XviD codec here)'?

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Red Hill ride was great - even though my sheared frame bearings didn't think so!. Just as well they are an easy and cheap fix.

FYO: MAnly Warringah MTB club have a red hill night ride posted for Thur eve 15 June. see link. be warned - they don't hang around!.

Rob, Greg, Geoff etc - we will have to get out again to do some more technical stuff at Red Hill. How about sunday am 18th?.

Peter R

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This date is good for me. 8:30 at the carpark off lady pen(something) drive at Cromer.

Christine. Give this ride a go, it can be as gentle as you want.

Greg (Pikey)

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