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help wanted

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By christine - Posted on 09 June 2006

if anyone out there is feeling particularly patient, has a sense of humour and a spare hour over the weekend i was wondering if they would be at all interested in teaching me some techinical stuff on my's a hardtail which i have only had a week!
i am leaving work now but my mobile number is 0414 534 141
hope everyone has a great weekend and a fabulous trip to Justin and Liz.


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A few weeks back we had a ride at Red Hill that was billed as easy going and one we would stop regularly and practice skills:

There was a good turn out here - perhaps we need to do another one like this?

Being at Oxford Falls yesterday reminded me what a good mix of XC and technical it has. For example, the XC circuit starts with a few rocky climb sections that you need some real commitment to get up, then once past the little Moab turn off there's plenty of drops and roll offs to keep you on the toes.

The circuit is only about 2.5Km so going round there a few times should be a definate option on your practice list.

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Would love to join you, need lots of help getting up the second of the rock climbs which I have yet to conquer. Hopefully the weather will improve soon, oh yeah, and the postie will show up with my new toy as well!! Still waiting.

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Out of interest, what is your confidence/ability level now?
Are you able to lift the front wheel up a gutter?
Are you happy to roll down off a height of say two gutters?

Tagging along on one of our trainings days would be the best thing you should do as we stop and practice climbing as well as rolling off ledges. You only attempt what you feel you can safely do (until one of us give you a push)Eye-wink

Give it a go!

Greg (Pikey)

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I was so hoping no one would ask about the gutter! No! much to my frustration I can not ride up a gutter and it’s very irritating, I got my first bike in my late twenties and this new one is only my second bike. (that is my excuse, nothing to do with lack of talent!)
Yes, I can go down the double height of a gutter...going downhill is much easier!
I would love to tag along on a training day...

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