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Coldest wettest and funnest fling

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By jp - Posted on 10 November 2013

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2013 Highland Fling
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My 9th fling, and despite the weather my favourite. Not just because it was my best result, but I really enjoyed the race. Yes there were times when it hurt, a lot, but I found myself smiling and really enjoying the experience more than ever before.

6 weeks ago I attended the Fling training weekend with Anthony Shippard and Kyle Ward coaching. As part of the weekend they helped me put together a simple, structured training program which I followed meticulously for the last 6 weeks. So I was better prepared than ever before, and that made a difference not only to my time, but to the whole race experience.

As usual the start was crazy and I had about 5 near misses with riders cutting it too close, but after 15 mins or so the crazies dropped off and I settled in with a bunch of more level-headed riders. I didn't push too hard in the first stage and reached Wingello in 1:08 - same time as last year but I felt completely fresh so I knew I could really go for it for the remaining 30kms.

2nd stage was tougher as I picked up the pace, and with 10kms to go I cramped, but kept riding and it quickly subsided. I kept focussing on the skills we learned on the training weekend (drafting, smooth singletrack technique, fast cornering) and it made a big difference. At the bottom of "your call" I split with the group I'd been riding with - they went left and I went right. We all met at the top, but I felt fresh and rode away from them. I'm definitely sticking with the right (longer) option from now on.

Crossed the line feeling pretty spent but very happy with my ride. I was hoping for top 50 overall and top 10 in my category (which is a big category - 260 this year), so came very close to my goals.

Thanks to Antsonline for the training advice - I definitely recommend the fling training weekend if it's run again next year.

I hung around at the finish to wait for Tristan (Tristania) who had a spectacular result in the full fling... But I'll leave him to write up his own story after his exam tomorrow.

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Must be something to that structured training.....

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Glad to hear your race went well JP,
Very tough conditions - very well ridden ...
Full Fling next year !!

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Well done JP. I was the bloke u rounded up just on the line . Not to sure on their timing though as my garmin had a different time. I think we were in the same basket of hurt at the end.

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Great result JP, thats a very good time for the 50 a and so close to the top 10 goal.

A bit more time on the 'program' and you will reap significamt rewards from the base that you have just started to establish.

Great ride.

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I"m glad I could help a bit. To be honest though, its you that does the work, makes a race plan, and puts it into effect.
Across the board, it was a slower race this year, so getting to Wingello Oval in the same time as last year really shows you were moving better - to feel fresh with that too shows you were much fitter.

Glad the 'free speed' worked, and yes - spending time checking out those options on 'Your Call' was certainly worthwhile. It might be longer, but it leaves your legs fresher for the final rise...

Nice ride Jon, and also nice Fling 'Campaign'....

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Thanks for the kind words everyone - I'm sitting here in a lovely cottage in Bundanoon in front of an open fire, heading home later today, and thinking we're lucky the weather was so good yesterday compared to today - strong wind and driving rain!

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I think I spoke to you at the top of "your call" too... You went left and I went right. Was that you?

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Well done jp, that is a great ride and I am sure you will make your 10th Fling a special one !

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Amazing how much more insight you get reading the full story even though I heard you tell it to me. Well done on another PR, and thanks again for having me stay with you guys; we've gotta make sure you break 2:40 next year!

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