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Wollombi Wild Ride

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By ingsyboy - Posted on 03 May 2014

Hey Guys,

Anyone recommend any trails (fire Primarily) that would be similar to the Wollombi 30km?

I want to start training and need some good hills.

I was thinking the oaks.? I'm Narrabeen based, and don't have a road bike- not really interested in doing that.


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There is plenty of stuff locally on the northern beaches to simulate 30km.

Perimeter / Long

If you want a couple of steeper hill repeates

Towlers and elvina

And there is always cascades for a good hitout.

All these are on the rides page for this site, and close to Narabeen.

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I didn't even think of Cascades.!? That's a great list, will give them all a go!

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