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3 Ring Circus 2014

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By sikllama - Posted on 27 June 2014

Sunday, 27 July, 2014 - 10:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Wingello State Forest
Meeting Point: 

4Km SW of Wingello village on Caoura Rd there's a small base camp within the forest - seems as good a place as any.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

Roll up, Roll up, Roll up! Bring bikes, bring the family to the Big Top on 26-27 July. See wild trails tamed, be charmed by the snaking singletrack, watch OTB acrobatics and riders juggling speed and stamina.…………Fairy floss will flow, handlebars may be swallowed.

The 3 Ring Circus is coming to town………

Who's in?
Lach, jp, garyinoz, davidren, Antsonline, Dicko, Medigger, stephen, danielschipper, Discodan, ahein, sikllama, xmas, rossco_, all74 (15 riders)
Lach jp garyinoz davidren Antsonline Dicko Medigger stephen danielschipper Discodan ahein sikllama xmas rossco_ all74
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Laps Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
Antsonline 3 Ring Circus Burn-Up! Finished 02:03:50 2 Veteran Male 30-39 1
garyinoz 3 Ring Circus performance Finished 02:25:29 41 Masters Male 40-49 15
jp Learning from Mistakes Finished 02:29:54 52 Masters Male 40-49 20
ahein My first 3 Ring Circus Finished 03:10:55 178 Veteran Male 30-39 44
sikllama Circus Afro, Circus Afro, Polka Dot Polka Dot, Circus Afro! Finished 03:32:19 228 Veteran Male 30-39 53
Lach Slow ring circus Finished 03:39:13 247 Supermasters Male 50-59 42
all74 Single track and mountain air got me through. Finished 03:57:05 314 123

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Hi guys. This is my first 3 ring circus and only my second race. Any tips for a newbie racer on the trail or the race itself


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Its colder than you think! I rode there today and nearly died it was so cold!!!

However - I did ride some BRAND NEW singletrack that has been put in. Some MASSIVE berms and corkscrew descent features, with some tight switchback style climbs. Very different to anything else at Wingello....

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There are a couple of us meeting on Sat 19th to pre-ride the loop, do a few efforts, and generally get things dialled and sorted whilst having a nice ride in the cold.
currently planning to meet there at 8.30ish.

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Would love to ride with people who could show me how to ride the red ring single track properly but alas I'm booked in for some high altitude training in the blue mountains next weekend Smiling

Just over two weeks to go - hope to catch up with some nobmobbers on the day. At 10am this morning it was 6.5C down there (-2.5C wind chill) and it didn't get above 9C all day - there's no such thing as cold weather just inappropriate clothing right Eye-wink

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Many others out? What were the new sections like to ride?

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it was cold! I got there for 7.30am and it was -1.5degs. Fresh. I rode the Yellow loop but could barely brake or change gear as my fingers were numb!

Happily, by 10am (race time) it was lovely in the sun, but still fresh in the shade.

Not many people were there riding, and just JP joined me later on in the morning. We rode a full race loop, and I showed him a few areas where he could go a bit faster - but to be honest, JP is getting pretty fit, so any speed improvement he has will be from al his training and focus on his nutrition recently.

Trails were excellent, and we bumped into some 'fairies' doing works - sweeping, filling in holes, and in some places adding some sand! It will be great on the day. Conditions were lovely.

New sections - really great, but no room at all to overtake once you hit it - so be patient!

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Weather forecast looks good.. is everyone feeling ready?

I agree with Anthony, the new singletrack is great but tight and twisty, and likely to cause holdups.

Looking forward to a great day out and catching up with everyone.

Happy tapering...

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I'm gutted I won't be there this year due to the CX State Champs in Newcastle.
Enjoy Folks!

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Feeling ready physically and can't wait for a great day out on Sunday - new singletrail sounds good, I dont mind tight and twisty as I run relatively narrow bars at 690mm and Im not a big fella Smiling

My previously bulletproof bike has an issue with a rear wheel that keeps chewing up spokes - am waiting on a warranty replacement wheel from Trek but for now just replacing spokes as they break (3rd one in as many months this morning).

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Weather looks great, 10am start means it wont be freeeeeeeeezing cold, and there is always a good vibe down there on race day.
I'm rocking some 710mm bars at the moment and managed to squeeze them through the trees fine - so 690's will be fine.

@Gazza - shame you are missing it - the draw of CX is a strong one though. The Masters category is as competitive as ever for 3 Ring too....

See y'all down there on Sunday morning sometime.

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This year I think it would have been hard to even podium.
I'm getting on the wrong side of 40 now.
Bring on Super Masters!!! Eye-wink

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Is the start list online somewhere?

Antsonline's picture

Well - that i know of there is Dicko, and 'recently turned 40' James Downing. I am sure there will be a bunch of other rippers too - @JP is riding better than ever!

Have a good race at the CX. Make sure your bike is a CX bike, and not an MTB with drop bars, and skinny tyres.
Actually - what is the difference these days?? Eye-wink

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Looking forward to it and as usual I am never as prepared as I would like to be. But I won't be anywhere near the front of the pack so will hopefully just enjoy the day and the atmosphere Smiling

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Start list now published on the wild horizons site.

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I'm in for both races but having never ridden there before, I'm wondering about the types of trails we'll be riding and therefore what bike to bring. Could anyone compare the trails to maybe Ourimbah, Awaba, Glenrock, Mt. Annan, Manly Dam, Sparrow, yadda, yadda, yadda? What bike would be best: is it smooth and fast for the Niner Air 9 RDO or a bit rougher and techy for the Yeti SB95C?
Cheers and good luck lads.

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Just replace someone off due to sick. Will take my 8 years old to kid circus and not much expectation for both of us. Try to get more experience although.

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Trails are generally smooth, I remember one or 2 log jumps where the photographers lurked (capturing my total lack of style), a couple of sketchy fire trail descents, nice flowy single track, but otherwise it's a cardiofest, bring the fast uncomfortable bike. Looking to beat my last years first race time, even with a cold, not riding for a couple of weeks I think I should be able to crack 4hour 32min! (that was very difficult to admit...)

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Its certainly not techy from a that sort of bike choice perspective. The Air9 is a perfect weapon for this track.
The singletrack is somewhat like Awaba, but there are enough climbs on fireroads that you will shudder at the thought of having brought the Yeti when you look back on it.

If you havent ridden there before, the red loop is the one with the singletrack (so the middle one of the 3 'Rings') and the Yellow loop (the final loop) is entirely fire-road and double-track, but its fun in its own way...Eye-wink
You'll enjoy it I am sure.

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Cheers team!

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...? How did it all go?!!??

I saw a fair few nobmobbers out there, and afterwards. The weather was amazing, and the trails in perfect condition. There were some fast rides on the day - and some PB's ridden.

I had a great, fun, day - and have written about it here in case you care...

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... I was a lot slower than Mr Shippard and a little slower than last year. Although the new sniggle descent that bypassed "The Wall" was a traffic jam, with a few bodies in the creek and the climb out of there seemed to go on forever, so I don't know whether it really is slower than last year.

Are results for mere mortals up anywhere??

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Lovely day out in the southern highlands - was good to meet you @antsonline (thx for the introduction @jp) after the race and talk some mtb (and some le tour).

Impressive that out of 50km of trail you can pick out a tree root on the inside line of the final corner which meant the difference between 2nd and 3rd - great attention to detail!

Race report to follow soon Smiling

@lach -->

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I had a good weekend on the single speed in the unseasonal Wingello weather. Again in the thick of it spinning my legs off chasing SXC racing's Dave and my clubbie Nathan. Each year the 3 Ring rolls around I wonder if I should miss the night race and see if it makes much difference in the daylight event but remind myself that's what the fling is for...

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Had a great day for my first three ring circus, came in just over my goal but that time included a 5 minute stop to help a fellow rider who came down and hurt her knee pretty badly. The single track was good fun but definitely was a traffic jam and I felt the width of my 720mm bars through a few spots.

All in all a great day out and great weather. Well done @antsonline on your second place, you guys finished just as I started the yellow loop.

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Congrats, Anthony! Read your blog. Easy to read but hard, very hard to do!

As mentioned above, I gained some experience. My seat is a bit too low, shorter bar, filling up more water in transition... More important is more time on saddle.

However, my family and I had a good time. In kid circus, my son tried to take over some from inside line and crashed on the fence. Some parents were booing but I felt that was fantanics. However, he still finished top 10. Much better than me! Finally, my kids said all the winners were wearing sunnies... True but...

Finally, great to see a lot of good riders!!!

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Sounds like everyone had a good day. That was my first 3RC and I had a ball (expect for the 10 km in the middle of the red ring where I felt like dying). There was certainly a lot of congestion on the ST but it was good to get a bit of a break as I'm a bit of a slacker

I'd aimed for sub 3hrs and got 2:55 including a long stop helping the guy with the broken wrist so I'm happy. Bring on next year

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Hey I think yours and mine crashed. Were they on identical red Giant bikes? I think the crowd was "ohhing" not "booing", neither came off anyway. Such a short fun race.

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@all74, oh no and oh yes! Such a small world. My son was on red giant indeed!!! I hope your son is OK.

Good is ohhing instead;> agreed such as a good short race!

Another observation is wheel size. I saw a lot of kids ride big wheel, some on 26, definitely more than I expected for such age.

Will see my girl on training wheels next year.

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Yeah Rossco no significant bumps or bruises. I think 26 is the 29er of kids bikes. Just upped my 11yo from 24 to 26 and he is definitely faster. My poor old 8 yo on a 20 inch gets stuck on every tree root and i'm sure his bike weighs more than mine.

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Now available from - that was quick!

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