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Not again!

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By andyfev - Posted on 10 July 2014

Not wanting to spark a debate but after the manufacturers push to get everyone on 29ers and now "forget them you need a 650b" approach I came across this clip. I'm slightly biased being a 26inch fan but I seriously couldn't see a 29er being this agile, quick and fun.

I'm sure many will comment and eyes will roll but forget the debate and just admire the 26 for it's true brilliance that got us all hooked on this awesome sport.

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Face it Andy, it's time to move on!

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That kid can ride!

One of the most fun videos I have seen in a while, and not only because it's got proper size wheels in it.

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What LadyToast said Pete Eye-wink

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Bugger the wheel size debate. I wanna know how he gets that much cornering
grip while wearing squeaky voice tight jeans and a skivvie Shocked

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He wouldn't have had to walk the bike back up the hill if he had a 29er.

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I admire the 26" like I admire the old boneshaker.

Great starting point but had to move aside for advanced technology.

 photo boneshaker_zpskgs6puoa.jpg

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Get in early, kick your 11 year old off that old classic and go 24, (Jezz if I go 16 I won't even need a bike carrier, I can fold it up in the passenger seat) Fun Vid, thanks for linking!

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It's not the wheel size,

I've been saying for 18 months, long travel hardtails are just plain fun to ride. I've got a 140mm 'tweener hardtail that could do all of that with buckets to spare in the hands of a skilled rider.

Needless to say I am still learning.

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27.5 is the way to go, better than a 26 and less clunky than a 29, it is the new dawn for MTB

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You should write advertising copy.

Oh, wait...

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I have said it before and I will say it again, 29 brilliant for climbing and racing 26 brilliant at everything especially going downhill or playing, 27.5 pfffft when they were first released here in 2008 nobody wanted to know of them, from memory I was at the insomnia24hr in qld when I tried the pacenti (I think) wheel and tyre package in 08 and I didn't rate them then and still don't, it's just created another line that most lbs will have to order in and won't carry, if it's not broken don't try to fix it, 26 will live as long as I have my 456, and my niner

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technology is only advanced if it's an improvement.

Like Rennie said to flow, 29ers make the easy stuff easier and the hard stuff harder.

Wheel size makes 4/5th of feck all different in the real world. Such a pity the marketteers have pumped so much money into creating all the hoohaa and somehow managed to pass it off as advancement.

Of course if you have a 29er you now need to upgrade as the marketeers now wish you to believe they actually suck unless you change the rear hub width and no doubt the mindless masses will gobble that load of tripe up too

And as for 650b(27.5) being the dawn of a new age.... Well like 29ers they are as old as mountain biking. And older.

You know the old klunkers that started the revolution?
650b was a staple size used by schwinn on their balloon tyred bikes. For 40 years the had their fans in mountain biking, usually in tweed jackets with leather elbow patches, now suddenly they are "new".

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So that's my point exactly, they are what the standard was and now will be again, all this 24, 26 & 29 was just a hiccup.

I think I might even look for a nice tweed riding jacket, might clash with the carbon though....

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You can buy carbon wrap on evil bay, surely there is tweed wrap as well

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would rip on a penny farthing,he's a gun rider.That been said,im also unconvinced that 26 wheels are dead(i have a blast on my 16kg 165mm travel banshee and ride it on everything).I will probably upgrade this year,not to a larger wheel size but to an exceptionally well specced 26inch wheeled bike that the bike shops are practically giving away!you can get some epic bargains on bike exchange coz the bikes have those ittybitty little 26wheels that are sooo last year!!

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I'll be [hopefully] upgrading in a month or so to some 26 inch wheels... Anything else just doesn't sit right with my mind... I don't want to dumb down my ride experience or climb faster... I want a twitchy bike that doesn't forgive if you get it wrong... A bike that isn't trying be something it isn't.

Having said that, if I was actually any good at XC racing including climbing, which I really suck at, I'd probably go with a 29er so that I could keep pace with the front pack. But then I'm not that rider, I'll always start at the back and finish somewhere not too far from it... and I'll have a bloody good time too Eye-wink

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