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26? 27.5? 29? Pffft!

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By hawkeye - Posted on 18 October 2014

The next big thing is...

Fatbike duallies! Eye-wink

Salsa Bucksaw

Turner King Khan

With more to come from specialised builders like Foes, 9zero7 and others, how long will it take Giant to declare that this is the new optimum wheelsize? Eye-wink

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And to get up the steep bits we have, on special for you today, a once in a hour deal:

We know you want more so

Eye-wink j/k

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I'm still holding out for 26.8"

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by fat tyres but moving to a 29er is the best thing I've done but why stop there? 31ers must be even better let us know when they are on the market, that'd be something to improve the strava stats with.... Eye-wink

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Able to roll over a small car and conquer technical terrain with a pedal stroke.

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The head tube on that bike needs to be shorter.

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They're almost a motorbike! Awesome but!

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