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Truvative Cranks

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By Stuart M - Posted on 23 April 2008

Does anyone have a 16mm (5/8th) hex (allen) key I can borrow to remove the retaining nut off my stylo cranks?

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Hey Stuart if you cant get hold of the correct allen key you can at a pinch use the head of a 10mm bolt ( not stainless, different head size), just tighten two nuts against each other on the bolt and you have a 16mm hex key.

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because its so shallow it just keeps rolling out to the point I'm risking loosing the edge of the nut. I even filed the head down to get rid of the raised bits but still no luck



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ive got one mate but if anyone who lives closer with one of those torpedo7 tool kits should have one.

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..., have got a T7 cheapy tool kit, but will take it to go down to the Sutton Forest....
for MotoX action (Kawasaki 250) and MTB (Norco Fluid)!!!!!!
Can't wait... my Mate's ute is full of MotoX bike's and my Van full of MTB's and kid's bike's.....ohhhoh.....

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