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WWS 2008 - Round 4 @ Killy

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By Rob - Posted on 19 May 2008

Sunday, 22 June, 2008 - 08:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

8 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

HMBA Killingworth Track (click for directions). The map/directions link below is to the turnoff on Killingworth Road just 500m or so away.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

This race is now confirmed to be at Killy, not Awaba.

Never mind, I hear the track is a blast and know we have a few teams out there now.

It's your usual 8 hour format and not too far to drive so come on up! Smiling

See and follow the BMC WWS 08 links.

Who's in?
Whisperer, evan, GAZZA, Bruce, ar_junkie, leopafe, Steve 01, Carlgroover, mtbasn.alex, Brian, Mick, LadyToast, Supagav, Riz (14 riders)
Whisperer evan GAZZA Bruce ar_junkie leopafe Steve 01 Carlgroover mtbasn.alex Brian Mick LadyToast Supagav Riz
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
ar_junkie Killing me softly - but O so worth it! Finished
Brian Killy was a blast
leopafe Killi = Awesome

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Whisperer's picture

Leading the charge will be Team 'Lap Dancers' in Open Threes
Whisperer, Steve01 & Carlgroover

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Bring it on i say, NobMoB teams racing each other should be fun "The Scummers" V's "Lap dancers" anyone want to put money on the race.

The Scummers team is Cupcake, AR Junkie and Supagav.

Rob's picture

LOL... I'll leave you guys to that one. Ev, Gazza and I will be brining up the rear.

Although... and correct me if I'm wrong Cupcake... if we have two teams for 8hr contention and one team of slowies the soft spongy one is looking to be in the wrong one. Sticking out tongue

No offence to the Dancers, but even towing that sponge filled weight think Supagav and Junkie will come out top.

Carlgroover's picture

taken Rob, but the Dancers will be leading these young punks, oh before I forget have you checked the Hotlaps lately on the Andos climb, I beat your time by over 3 minutes Laughing out loud

Rob's picture

Yeah mate... I know you guys are legends, and that I certainly am not. Even when you weren't trying you were at the top well before me! And at the races, don't know how you knock out lap after lap at those speeds!

That post was more to get a rise out of Cuppas than anything else. Come on Bruce, where are you?! Eye-wink

ar_junkie's picture

He is out training, therefore has no time for this frivolous banter...

It might also be due the fact that he doesn't have internet access at home...

Supagav's picture

Right guys, lets set the benchmark this weekend at the WSMTB club round at yellowmundee. Talk is cheap. riding is a bit harder.
lap times will be the first chapter in this battle of oldies V's young bucks.

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I am keen to have a crack at this if anyone wants to make up another team. I have never been in an event like this so I don't actually know what to expect. It says entries are still open so I guess it's not too late. PM me if you are interested.


Brian's picture

I am still looking for any takers to make another team. I have one maybe and need another.

Brian's picture

I have got a team together Smiling

Details to follow...

I have had one pull out due to injury. Anyone else interested?

Currently there is Leopafe and myself. Come on, there must be someone out there?

leximack's picture

just do it as a pair if you cant find a third. Just do double laps instead of singles as it will give you more a of break and allow you to get a bit more of a rythm. Three will allow you to go harder each lap knowing that you will have ample recovery time but 2 is still alot of fun

ar_junkie's picture

Today is the last day to qualify for the early bird entry!

Probably should have given the Lap Dancers more notice, they are slow to react...

Brian's picture

I have entered in a 2 man team with Leopafe.

JB's picture

I am keen to give this a shot if anyone is looking for a rider.
I have not been training so will not be fast but did the Cape Epic in April so should be right.


PS will need a lift as have no car

davis_jnr's picture

How technical is this track? Am interested but still tentative on the techie stuff...?

LadyToast's picture

Mick, Myself and introducing Derek are entered as the Flaming Chillies.

alchemist's picture

Unlikely to be very technical at all.

Some pics of the track from a couple of years ago

ar_junkie's picture

Pretty flowy with a few log jumps...
You'll be right Sam, if Majura, Stromlo and Sparrow with anything to go by!

Carlgroover's picture

fun that those photos show, it's a really good track without being risky.

Riz's picture

Hey gang,

I'm new to Syd & this group, I'm keen to get out on MTB tracks around syd, & maybe give Killy a go.
I'll be up there on Saturday with AMBC (Trailbreakers), so if there's anybody who needs a team member remembering that I have never raced before I'm up for it. I guess a team who just wants to have some fun.


hawkeye's picture

Which would be better for this track - hardtail or dual suspension?

Flynny's picture

Personally I don't think hard tails are good on any trail but Killy tends to offer flatish high speed stuff. A few cool little descents that can be a lot of fun with a bit of spring in the back end but some nice, flowing, smoothing single trail that you can really get hooking on a HT. Actually saying that I don't like HTs I did really enjoyed my lap last year on the KHS test 29er.

I've raced Killi 5 or 6 times and HMBA seem to be able to string together a different track configuration for every race and every one of them has bee fun so expect the unexpected, unless the unexpected is what you are expecting... Or something

Brian's picture

Sounds nice. I can't wait for next weekend, looks like quite a few heading up.

Alysum's picture

I'm a bit confused - how are you guys racing this ? have you already worked out teams of 3-4 or are some doing it solo ? And how many times does each person generally ride ?


Riz's picture

I'd like to give the race a go, I have never raced. I'm up there on the saturday so I'll have a good look at it.
So if there's anyone who needs a rider, who's not too serious drop a line. Solo is just a bit much.

Flynny's picture

Tom, Team members take turns riding laps of the track tag team style. Once your team completes one lap you are in the results.

After that it's up to you. The idea is to do as many laps in the 8hrs as possible but there is nothing stopping you doing a lap and sitting around for a while before the next member goes out for their lap. You decide when and how often you want to swap with your team mate. Some teams do multiple laps before switching. Most just go lap about.

In fact one famous team has this strategy. 1.rider one does a lap. 2. Every one has a beer. 2 rider two goes for a lap if he feels like it, if he doesn't every one has another beer... and so on and so forth...

Solo can be a nice challenge. Personally I think pairs is the hardest. You don't get much rest in between laps and there is a bit of pressure not to let your team mates down.

I like 3s as you have plenty of time inbetween laps to cool down, hydrate socialise and warm back up.

4s is OK but you're only only going to get 3 or 4 laps each.

Alysum's picture

for the explanations. so are most of you going to register on the race day after making up the teams ?

Rob's picture

Due to circumstances beyond my control (I'm an arse who can't remember dates) can't do this now. Seriously annoying this stupidity thing. Sad

Luckily JB has stepped in to take my place so it's all good.

I read on your profile, JB, that you did the Cape Epic. Erm... I'd imagine your fitness will be... erm... marginally better than mine! Eye-wink The team will be stoked!! Laughing out loud

Carlgroover's picture

I think all the riders that have posted they are going are in teams, so Alysum you could join up with Riz who is keen for a spot and do a post for an extra rider or 2 for your team if you wish.
Cheers John.

ar_junkie's picture

How could ya double book? Sticking out tongue

Mick's picture

OK, the Flaming Chillies up for this one (myself, Ladytoast and a ring in). Anyone have any idea how this thing works (new to this to any format in fact). I'm guessing first person does a lap and then hands off to second person etc and the last person (whoever that may be) completes the lap he/she was on when the 8 hours is up. Idea being to complete as many laps as possible. Is that right? By the way, are people driving up on the day? We were keen to do a practice lap beforehand but that would mean leaving at about 4.30 am. Ouch. Is anyone else doing something similar?

JB's picture

Anyone got an space in their car, I need a lift.

Brian's picture

Hi Mick, Leopafe and myself are in a pairs team (Just Cruzin). I haven't done this format before either but you are spot on. For us it will be doing alternate laps or 2 laps at a time. My plan is to get there early for a practice lap but I do have the luxury of my parents living 10 minutes from the track Smiling

Mick's picture

Thanks Brian. Sounds like you've got your work cut out in a team of 2. I wonder if they give bonus laps to those who have to get up at 4 am to get there on time.... Who else is doing the early Sunday morning departure from Sydney?

Whisperer's picture

I'me keen to go up saturday arvo and put in some practice laps, get a feel for the track, and 'sleep in' on sunday morning.
[not keen on leaving 6am for 7.30 rego on sunday morning!]
Anyone else planning on camping or lobbing into a local motel?

Staying at a motel with Junkie and one other. Going up Sat arvo.
Will take a decent sized tarp (approx 5x6m) so we can string it up if there is rain on sunday - hopefully not needed!
If someone has some poles it would be good so we can get some height underneath if strung between cars.

GAZZA's picture

spoke to evan and my new team mate today and he needs a lift to killy for the race as he's new in town and hasn't got a car. i would have gave him a lift but ive had to look for a lift myself as the clutch in the old ute is on its way out.

GAZZA's picture

due to unforeseen circumstances and a buggered clutch i cant get to killi. Is there anyone can give me a lift? I can get to anyones house at the appropriate time or meet the en route before the freeway. Just dont want to risk driving all the way in my old ute. Let me know asap. Sorry its last minute guys. Thanks, gazza

GAZZA's picture

thanks bruce. Any luck yet jb?

evan's picture

Hi Whisperer,

I have some tent poles, ropes and another tarp I can bring up.
I'll be travelling up with Bruce on Sunday.


Carlgroover's picture

I'll be heading to Killi in the morning and could give you a lift, I'll be traveling along Pennant Hills Rd so I could pick you up from a train station or from your place if necessary.

JB's picture

i have sorted myself a lift thanks

leopafe's picture

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