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XC race bike

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By Supagav - Posted on 26 May 2008

Hi guys, I have a bit of a big ask, I am looking at trying to beg/borrow/rent a smallish (16-17") XC race bike for my girlfriend to use at the state champs to be held on the 16th-17th of August.
Vanina is going to be here from NZ and she wasnt going to bring her own bike so im on the hunt for a bike that she can race. V will be racing elite woman in the aim to win it.
any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Gav

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Well well

DW Weigh-in 2008

Near the top of the duallie list I see Tien with a small light bike Smiling

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I have a small Giant XTC2 that might work for you.

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i have my epic at 11.6kg its a medium but you can have a look if you like. How tall is she? Im only 5.9

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How tall is she Gav? Think there are better offers on the table already, but Pratiwi is 156cm so her hardtail might work if Vanina is about the same. It's not very bling but quiet light. V's only though - Pratiwi doesn't go fast enough to warrant discs! Eye-wink

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I think Vanina is about 5'6" the epic could work.... so could the XTC. I will ask if she wants to ride a hard tail or a fully. I would be guessing a fully but i better check with her first.
Cheers for the offers guys.

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I have a medium 2007 Yeti ASR-slc dually - I missed out on the weigh-a-thon but it must be around 12k.

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Hey Paul, cheers for the offer. I think the bike would be too big for her though and if its the Carbon ASr i dont think you can change the seat height on them can you?.
Cheers Rob and Craig for the very kind offers. Vanina has said she would perfer a fully if possible so gazza looks like we could be taking you up on that offer. A small bike would be better but the specicalized is pretty damn close to the size of the ASR-sl in small that she is looking at for her new bike.

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Nah Paul's is a normal seatpost
appalling paul/santa!
Even comes in tinsel colour Smiling

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No problems Gav - in 2007 only the rear triangle is carbon so the seat height is adjustable.

I also concur with your sizing as well, the medium Yeti was nearly identical in dimensions to my old large Specialized, so Gazza Medium Specialized will be close to a small Yeti.

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i say!! it's such fun and he has got it all ready for 'racing' with carbon fibre bling - she will love it!!

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hey gav,v could always use my yeti asr i may be talked into it,also she knows it fits.

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Cheers for the generous offers of bikes guys. After speaking with Vanina she has decided that she would like to use Bri's Yeti. Bri i will be in touch and we will get out for a ride next weekend.

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