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New 27.5 tire recommendations

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By webby - Posted on 10 August 2015

I'm currently running maxxis Ardent on the rear and Schwalbe Nobby Nic Evo on the front, tubeless on my Giant Trance 27.5 1
The issue I'm having is the last two rides I have done including a nice steep rocky section at the convict 69 km into the race my front has either burped or blown throwing me over the bars using my hip and a rock to stop and with that confidence is going down as you focus on your front expecting it to happen any second again and two weeks in a row just seems strange.

The only conclusion is that the Schwalbe is on its last legs causing the frequent flats recently, tires are 8 months old.

Looking for recommendations for a good reliable tubeless tire not more than $65 per tire.
Most my rides are Manly Dam and Terry Hills area.


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chuck a matching ardent on the front. i use to for xc racing n its awesome. sticks to gravel like a turd on a sheet

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I'm not huge on the Ardent, for tight XC courses where you can't lean or AM sorta where you have a decent lean angle stuff they seem fine but there isn't much grip when you are transitioning from the centre lug to the cornering lugs.

Conti Mountain King 2 as a front, they are smaller than a 2.2" Maxxis but they do have a nice shape on a wider rim. The cheaper Indian made ones are shit, they are made from something about as grippy as a plastic cutting board.

If you spend over $100 postage is free but the only Conti rear tyre that would suit is probably the X-King and I've never tried one. The corner lugs look less likely to tear than Ardents but they still aren't massive-

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Ardent rear, Maxxis Ignitor 2.35 front. Great Combo.

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Is the Ignitor available in 27.5?

I wish they made it available in 2.35 casing for 29ers. Sad

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And no 27.5 Rendez. I love my 26 Rendez.

I've been running an Ardent Race (3C TR EXC) and it's ok. A bit sketchy in loose stuff but great when the track is tacky. Just bought an Ardent (3C TR) to try on the front. Tossing up on the back. Currently running an Ikon (3C TR EXC) and it's been great but needs replacing. Might put the Ardent Race on the back to try it and also pick up another Ikon.

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HighRoller II on the front, 3C if you can afford it, and Ardent on the rear.

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If you are having burping issues, you are asking the wrong question.

Burping isn't about which tyre, It's about the rim, the tubeless method and the pressure ( assuming tyres are tubeless compatible)

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I have a pair of xr4 team issue tyres they have the triple compound tread awesome tyres flow did a big write up about them also in AMB magazine insane grip

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Of course different tyres have an effect on burping, width, sidewall strength, shape, bead diameter and the amount of cornering grip will all make some difference.

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Thanks guys
Went with MaxxisArdent EXO for front and back torpedo7 has a sale for $30 per tyre...

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Can't argue with that price.

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I suspect they're not the TR version. All of the other models specify and they don't.

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ahhh crap you are right....damn

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I agree with Team Evolution on the Bontrager XR4 - have had this on the front of a Rumblefish for 1500km and it's grippy, predictable and durable. Not the lightest tyre or the fastest but it I will trade that everyday for the confidence it delivers.
BUT ... I could not get a XR4 for my Trek Stache (Trek were out of stock) so decided on a Hans Dampf Pacestar (Snakeskin + TR). It installed tubeless the first go and is grippier and faster than the XR4. It is hilarious how responsive it is and how much confidence brings. If you want to more grip there is a Trailstar version also.
OK, I am talking about 29s but I am sure it translates to 27.5.
Both are $70 tyres but I will get two years or more out of these so the value is high.

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