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New wheelset

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By Snita - Posted on 09 December 2015

Excuse my lack of knowledge on something I'm pretty sure i should know, but I need a new wheelset for my bike (

What do I need?

15mm front & 135mm x QR rear
15mm front & 142 x 12mm rear

Looking at these wheels, thoughts?



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I can't see anywhere that it says the axle type on the Trek link you posted.
I presume in that year it would be QR, it was the more common then.

If you could post a pic of your front and rear axles, we'll be able to tell straight away.

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sorry for the delayed reply, somehow got side tracked by victoria's secret show on tv..

How do I post pictures? Prob another something I should know

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You have to be a wizard to post pics here.

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that's me out then, thanks all!!

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It's not so hard, but this really isn't the place for underware. However...


Anyhow, back to the wheels: You probably can't go wrong with a Shimano set. Certainly can't argue with that price!

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Don't you have an LBS?

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