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New wheelset - take 2 with pictures

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By Snita - Posted on 10 December 2015

Hi all

take 2 from my previous post

now with added pictures (not victoria's secret ones)


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You're going to need QR front and 135 QR rear.

The wheels you're looking at have a 15mm through axle on the front.

These should fit:-

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if I click on 26" those ones only give me the option of 15mm through on front as well..

Seems most of them only give that option when I click on 26", will 15mm QR front work?

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What's driving the "need" for new wheels?

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Nope, nope nope, 15mm is different, its your fork that is the limiting factor, maybe you can upgrade your fork while your at it? If not then you can just get an adapter from ebay for twenty bucks. They are very well made and solid and convert the 15mm hub to the older 9mm QR like you need.

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rear wheel is wobbly as hell and can't be trued any more (says LBS) and front wheel was replaced not long ago with a crappy rim after an incident with a taxi, so time to replace both!

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These will fit. Don't know how good they are though.

Have a ring round a few LBS, you'll probably find somewhere that has some old stock they want to get rid of, as you can see, qr front is a bit 'old hat' now.

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Probably better to get the 15mm front end and use a converter as you can then fit such a wheel to any future upgrade. Much more difficult to modify from 9mm QR to 15mm (would need new hub internals) if you need to in the future.

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If he does that, it is unlikely to involve 26" wheels.

Go the cheap option and put the difference to funding a new bike.

Or buy some rims with the same ERD, some replacement brass nipples and let me practice some wheelbuilding (if you're local to me). Needs to be in my hands in time to complete by the 4th of Jan as I'm underwater with (paid) work after then.

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Cheapies, almost 2kg and very narrow-

XT, more expensive, parts are easy to get and they are reasonably light, they are centrelock though so that would add more cost.

I'd go second hand, I have a stack of 26" rims and wheels in the shed, I even used one for a trail building wheelbarrow as they aren't worth anything.

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thanks for the responses all!

Correct Hawkeye I probably wouldn't upgrade to another 26" so trying to keep this as cheap as possible. I'll probably keep this bike as my commuter and xc bike and maybe buy a new enduro bike.

Given I have 6 bolt hub and all the shimano wheels are centrelock, would I be better off finding a set of cheap wheels (with 6 bolt), buying new rotors along with the shimano wheels, or something else (is it easy/practical converting shimano wheels to 6 bolt?)

Also my bike specs state it has 185mm rotor on the front, would a shimano 180mm rotor work if I go with shimano centrelock wheel and new rotor?

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PM sent

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PM sent

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