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Ourimbah DH where to park?

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By Mtbnuts - Posted on 19 July 2016

Hi downhillers,

If i go alone to ourimbah DH and have no shuttle, should I park close to the tower or at the trail head parking?

If the latter, how far is the walk (pushing my dh rig) to the tower? Is it doable?



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I think it's about 2.5 km or so from the XC trail head to the top of the DH. I've ridden my XC bike up there with riders on their DH bikes, it's a bit of climb but not too bad.

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Depends if u want to push before or after. i'm not sure its worth it without shuttling Imo. the trail is fun and all but ull be looking at a solid 45min push up the fire trail.

If your on something pedal friendly then go for it but its a long push on a dh bike.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for the quick replies guys, u rock!

45mins walk that's a long one.

I started with XC and AM but now I'm hooked with DH. I just bought DH bike and I really wanted to practice my DH skills. I really want to be able to go by myself in my own time often, in 2 hours if i can get 5 rides that would be awesome. About 10-15mins walk back to top.

Is there any other DH tracks around Sydney and central coast that is beginner friendly and can be repeated without shuttle?

I heard about warrimoo track, is that still open? And how doable is it to go back to the top?

Any other alternative?



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Warimoo is pretty sketchy and wild - definatly not novice friendly, also it wasnt technically legal but regadless, its fully closed now along with oxy which is being slowly torn apart. You can try green valleys in wolongong if u can drive that far. They do organised shuttle days which and the trails should be perfect for what ur after.

From what ive heard knapsack reserve could also be an option, i haven't been but it sounds like it could work for you (penrith).

Where abouts are you located?


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I used to push run it from time to time, if I wasn't stuffing around it was 25 minutes down and back up. Pushing up the road sucks, the DH track is pretty much an XC track so a push up the trail is pretty easy.

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Thanks Jono,

I live in Rouse Hill, we have local track here. It's a mixed bag but the boys have been tweaking it to have berms, jumps, drops and some wood works. I regularly practice my DH there but it's short, not steep enough and not flowing well.

We got 1-1.5m (maybe 2m, not too sure) jumps and drops and i'm getting better at them and that's why i really want to start doing them on real DH tracks. Very hooked on jumps and drops actually Eye-wink

I've also done serrata and ghania tracks and find them steep but not too hard and long enough and no jumps and drops coz they're more technical AM trails.

The Green valleys looks good with table tops and shuttle. Thanks for that!

Knapsack looks good too, do you know if it's hard to go back up? Any shuttle?



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Thanks mate,

I think I will give Ourimbah a go. If i have to push so be it and i'll see if i got the legs to climb on my DH rig.

When you said DH is XC track, do u mean they cross path up to certain point and then you need to go off track to get to the start of the tower?

Do you have kml or gpx?



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Sounds like your having fun mate!

The ourimbah DH trail leads into part of the xc trail so you can climb back up the xc side or just push the firetrail. Apparently awaba has a pretty wild dh trail and stromlo in canberra also shuttle their dh trail.

Not sure about knapsack as if never been there but i am under the impression you can push back up it on the fire road.

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Nah I walked up the DH track I meant that it is just a very easy track compared to something like Awaba. Ourimbah has only ~100m fall over it's 1.8km length so it's pretty flat and pedally, still fun though.

I used to ride on either my DH bike or my hardtail, found it a lot more fun on the hardtail.

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I actually disagree about the Warrimoo comments.

I believe the left hand line is very beginner friendly. Sure there are a number of large jumps but they all have B Lines around them. I have been there with many beginners without issue.

Be aware that it is actually now an illegal trail but people still ride there regularly.

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