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Arm warmers

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By Jason Smith - Posted on 18 April 2017

Ok - so its getting cold in the morning. How do I keep my Arm warmers from falling down without more pushups???

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Bicep curls maybe?

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Buy the next size down.....?

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All makes lots of sense - was hoping someone had some secret as they are fine on the road.

Ta - but no bicep curls Eye-wink

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Toss them and get some that are cut anatomically.

I have some dhb ones that work really well. They are cut to fit a bent elbow and have gel grippers inside and out at the upper arm end. They aint going nowhere, even om my stick insect arms.

There's also a reflecty 3M tab at the elbow for those dark winter evenings so you can be seen.

Oh, and they're inexpensive.


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