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Sat 24th Cascades?

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By mitch_f1 - Posted on 19 June 2006

Just wondering if anyone was up to a ride on the 24th.

Starting @ 8:30am from Douglas St entry. I'm open to suggestions as to routes to take.

Weather permitting (it hasn't so far :S) I will bring my camera.


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Sorry Mitch,

As you can see, I've been talked into Yellowmundee Saturday 24th June.

Might be looking for something short and sweet on Sunday though, depends how it goes tomorrow.


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I was just reading the Yellowmundee conversations and I wondered how long it would be before you posted for Cascades Mitch and there you are!!


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To say there was mud would be an understatement; they have resurfaced most of the main clay :S Needless to say the trip down was slow, and up was slower. It was kinda cool though, there was a whole lot of fog in the valley at 8:30, and I was riding through it. I went down the main train from Douglas St, and there is clay on most berms, and just before. I turned down Bear Creek trail, they have resurfaced the hill just before the stream, so it is now relatively smooth. The stream was now a river. So yep. I saw Tien on the way back up.

I took my camera, but didn't take many pics because I have an SLR in a backpack, and every tiem I stopped to take it out my shoes would sink into the clay/mud, so i've taken a few pics. I'll post links sooner or later.

I'll most probably be riding it again tomorrow, for those who want to join me. I'll see if I can bring mum's point and shoot, for easier access Sticking out tongue


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