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Mt. york

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By Carlgroover - Posted on 22 January 2009

Alex, Craig B and myself went riding yesterday at Mt. York and had a blast we rode down Lockyers up Berghoffers Pass down coxs and up Lawsons long alley.

While riding up Berghoffers Pass Alex pointed out that it is 100 years old this year(after reading the historic sign carved into the sandstone) so it was suggested that an overnighter out here could be in order.

Then driving back Craig was highly recommending the for a beer. Sitting there at this great classic old pub with the best beer on tap I can remember, I decided to check on accommodation, I spoke to Andrew the manager who would be happy to have a bunch of MTBers staying there at a highly discounted rate of $50 per head (depending on numbers). He also said they could put on a buffet/BBQ lunch for $20-$25 per head. The is also a room within the pub that can be locked up for the bikes.

For the ride we would be best to have 2 groups, those keen on an easier day could go down Lockyers and up Berhoffers Pass and the fit and more technical riders could do this 1st ride faster and then go down Coxs (techy) and back up Lawsons long ally as we did yesterday.

For the 2nd days riding there is a host of choices including the Lidsdale tracks, Hassans walls area, the lower part of the six foot track and many more that Flynny the local expert could suggest, if we finished this day earlyish we could get back to do the buffet/BBQ thing if we wish.

If there is a reasonable interest in doing a weekend like this let me know and I can post it up.
Possible dates could be 28/2/09 or 7/3/09
Cheers John.

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on the 7th john. Its my 40th the weekend before and i dont think kathy would appreciate me heading off for the weekend!

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It's your 40th?

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That is also Craig B's preferred weekend (he's not online ever)

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i join the ranks of the really old farts this year ( you know who you are ) and judging by the results that some of them get it looks like i've gotta step the training up a gear. I thought most sportsmen over 40 normally took a back seat?

ar_junkie's picture

And all that?

Sounds like a great idea John, not sure about the dates though... too many people getting married and having birthdays around this time of year!
Will have to get back to you.

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and 40 is the new 30 etc etc etc! My bones still ache and and i'm always tired, i've hair where it's not meant to be and where i want it, its falling out! I watch what i eat but still put on weight no matter how hard i train and i look at 20 year olds and laugh at when i was their age, i thought i was really old and mature! But hey, i'm not bitter! (not much anyway)

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Do we need to start a support group or something?

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Your even starting to sound old Sticking out tongue

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Hey we will be keen to do this as well. As long as it doesnt clash with the WWS...

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Is the date for WWS at Yellomundee apparently.

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And you're only bloody 40 mate
Still a spring chook to us quickly approaching super vets

This ride sounds the goods
March would be good

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Gazza I just knew you would be a Pisces, we are just so compatible.

Interestly, Pisces is represented by a pair of fish that are swimming in opposite directions, but remain held together at the mouth by a cord. Imagine that bonded by the mouth.

Being 40 you were born in the year of the Monkey according to Chinese Astrology - you are quick-witted, flexible, self-assured, competitive, intellectual. Can be egotistical, vain, selfish, reckless, snobbish, jealous.

I was borne in the year of the Snake, I'm wise, mystic, graceful, sensual, creative, elegant, responsible, calm, strong, purposeful. Can be possessive, hedonistic, obsessive, distrustful.

You are the Ying to my Yang

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Oh, how romantic! Eye-wink

anke13's picture

...I don't think we had to consult the stars for THAT Smiling

Beany - don't tell me you actually believe in that stuff?

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The dates are only suggestions and I'll work it around race dates, where did you hear about the WWS date Dangersean as on the website only the 1st rd has a date so far? If we could do the weekend trip before the 8hr it would be good to practice the 8hr course on the Sunday.
Beany, born in the year of the snake, you should really ride a Viper, oh just like Stuart.
Also I should add the Imperial hotel has a nice friendly atmosphere and the Manager seems happy to work in to make the stay suit the group.
Cheers John.

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on Farkin. there is a WWS thread and WSMTB club pres announced he was committed to holding WWS on that date. Even if WWS does not go ahead!
also shown on WSMTB site too i believe.

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I guess that will be the date then for the 8hr, and since we're still a way from setting a date for the weekend trip we can wait and see what happens. I'm sure Stuart will be running the series as usual, he just doesn't have a great sense of urgency about getting the dates up.

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I think it's more your Laurel to Gazza's Hardy.

pikey's picture

....K.I.double S.I.N.G!

Oh how I miss my school days!

Beany, your love for fellow riders is inspirational.

Go girlfriend Eye-wink


The Liver is Evil and must be punished Sticking out tongue

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