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Sunday morning anyone?

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By christine - Posted on 26 September 2006

I am working again this weekend so can't make the Saturday afternoon ride at Manly Dam but if anyone is keen to go there Sunday morning I would love to do a lap - I am quite sure that if left to my own devices I can still get very lost in there!


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Hi Christine,

I can't do Saturday either- AFL Grand Final. So I'll be up for the Sun morning ride, and Manly Dam sounds good. I've never done it, so it may end up being the blind leading the blind, unless anyone is keen to show us around?

Go Swans


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Not this weekend,

We are off camping - I'm posting this in the hope someone else who knows the dam will offer to guide?

Christine - follow the bike trails Smiling

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Talk about not this weekend (sigh)

I,m camping this weekend.
Next week a bucks weekend at Whale Beach
following two weeks a wedding and holiday in Qld (not my wedding)
Back for intence training for the Highland Fling. Christine, Hope your training is going well, our friend Craig Bower is doing the 100km Fling did you know.

Anybody booked accomadation yet? Robin please, your turn to book for us! this time not a room over the bloody disco (long story)

I need to borrow a lighter more suitable bike for the Fling (as I've been advised?)
Liz, Which of your two bikes are you using on the Fling?, Thanks
Stuart, keen on a short term lease arrangement on your now cobwebed old Kona?

See you all soon


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Sorry Greg, you'll have to book your own as I'm not Flinging this year. Don't ask Eye-wink

As per the other Wingello thread though, wouldn't mind coming down there with you guys for some training.

Oh - and I too am camping this weekend, isn't everybody? Eye-wink

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What time are you planning on riding? After last week I am keen to ride the dam (not sure if I should though he he).

Dependant on the time I should be able to make it.


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Hi Christine

I should be able to make it. I'm a newbie and my elbow has just been given the OK by the doc so i'll have to take it easy if I do come. So as long as you don't mind waiting now and then for slow coach me then it should be ok Smiling

And yeah what time were you planning on going?

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I was hoping about 8.30 for the Dam if that suits as I will have to work again in the afternoon...sad but true - this is my outing for the camping for me!
Greg, do you want me to ask Neil if you can borrow his bike for the Flng? It's like Robs one...He isn't riding as he is a wuss - or he has a Merinda?
I think I need to train more but hey, I have a month or so...!!!
Re: accommodation - we were thinking about a tent - is that a bad idea?


ps will we meet at the King- Arana Street parking Sunday morning?

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Sounds like a plan Christine
Bit early for a long weekend but I'll drag myself out of bed for this one Smiling

My phone number is in my Profile and look out for a blue BMW

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would you rather make it 9? Liam has to come from the city so 9 may suit him better too...and it is a long weekend as you say...


I have the commodore ute and shall check my number is on my profile too...

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I'm a complete newbie, have ridden Manly Dam once and I nearly if u can wait for me that'd be tops.
I really hope to be there!!
So..count me in!
Looking forward to it.
I got a new Thule bike rack for my car and I'm stoked with it Smiling
I'm also an enthusiastic photographer (my part time hobby/job).
Justin introduced me here.

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yep 9am is fine also. i'm flexible so whatever time suits everyone.

How much did the bike rack set you back Geoffo? I need to invest in one soon so that I don't have to keep throwing a dusty bike in the boot! And glad to meet another photographer. Bit of a hobby with me too. Canon 350D is my weapon of choice.

See you all Sunday! Just need a final confirmation of timings.

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Hi guys,

9am sounds good- see you there.


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Should be Justin says, bring your muesli bar and water - hope you all read Choice or watched TV the other night about muesli bars!
King and Arana Streets...there is parking along there...
My nunmber is 0414 534 141


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Providing The Carlton Gold God of Friday night does not cast his wicked spell over me toooo heavily then I will come and play Sat morning at the Dam.

Dave Fargs

0423 727 538

christine's picture

Maybe the spell has been cast early!

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The bike rack set me back a nifty (and affordable) $120! At a shop opposite maccas next to Strathfield Car Radio in Brooky. Will be keep to show it to you on Sunday. I'm a Nikon D200 man Smiling

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I want to get some bike pants (Nicks?!?) and wanted to know what ppl suggested please? I live extremely close to Bike Addiction in Harbord/North Manly.

Justin's picture

Hey Geoffo ask for some good tight lycra, perhaps a bib and brace set...


Netti are a good brand and do affordable shorts / knicks (knicks are the lycra ones).

As well, perhaps is a riding top to keep you cool - again Netti are a good cheap brand for this. Cotton shirts retain too much water.

Rob's picture

Not that I shop for bike gear much, but bought one of my more used pairs of shorts from Brookvale Bike Factory. They are Fox 'baggy' kind with nicks inside. Hate to rain on Justin's parade, but far superior to Nettis on both the comfort and looks stakes.

Lycra? No, never! It's for roadies! Sticking out tongue

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Knicks are great but get a good pair and pay the money they will both last longer and be better for your boys....

I suggest you buy a knock about pair of shorts to wear over the top of your knicks, that way if you come off your bike you dont rip hols in your nice new knicks and end up riding home in the buff....

I have a pair of shorts like robs as well and they do work well.

See how you go its all about comfort right!

Geoffo's picture

Thanks guys, I am off to BBF some time today to check it all out.
Getting personal now...
I've been a boxer short wearer for years...will I be comfortably able to wear nicks over boxer shorts?

Justin's picture

Nothing under the knicks. Of if shorts, if they don't have an inner liner, then yeah whatever, don't want to know...

Stuart M's picture

Not a chance Geoffo. Everything will get all bunched up and be damn uncomfortable, thats clothing material I'm talking about. With knicks you go commando.....seriously. It's the only "proper" way to wear them. An added bonus of the tightness of the knicks is that you can pack the boys into one spot and they stay, no tackle moving around for you to inadvertently sit back down on as you move around the cockpit of your stead, or in the case of some, no chance of dangly bits getting caught in the chain ring.

Any decent pair will have padding or a "chamios" in the crutch, the better pairs will have padding of different thickness to protect everything and relieve pressure points. Wearing boxers, or even undies for that matter, under these will defeat the purpose of having them on at all. Most of the better brands of "baggy" shorts will also incorporate some form of knicks in them and the same goes here, commando it is!!

Trust me, your boys will thank you and come to think of it so will your "ring"

Happy trails


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Thanks for the advice guys - just got back from the BBF and now have a light top, some shorts (with knicks inside) and some gloves!! THey also gave my bike a once over too as it hadn't been serviced in a while. Really looking forward to Sunday morning Smiling

I haven't yet bought a camel pak, didn't realise just how much they cost, that can wait Smiling
I have a bottle that attaches to my bike 'the old fashioned' way Smiling

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Have a spare bottle (maybe 1-2 litres) in the car for when you get back - top yourself up with half a litre before you start, you've got 750ml for the ride then another half a litre or as much as you can comfortably drink when you get back to the car

Also drink a couple of litres the evening before.

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I just learnt far more than I thought I would ever know about you guys and your riding shorts!!
Re:camelbak - Sean got me a 1.5 litre Carribee from Big W last weekend which I am using until I get a Camelbak - it was $30...

ps I also need proper shorts - I trust girls DO wear knickers underneath?!!

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Not usually. No knickers under knicks.

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Fantastic ride this morning guys. Thanks one and all..had a great time despite my stack but at least I wasn't alone on the casualty list!!
Look forward to another ride soon!

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Well, everyone came along and everyone had something to report at the end of the ride - Liam set the theme when he got a flat tyre, closely followed by Scott who damaged his gear change thing - he rode the rest of the ride with only one gear...then Geoff in a fit of enthusiasm did a lovely crash down rocks and sported a well cut thumb...we took a photo as we thought it was gory enough!
Tein for some unknown reason about 10mtrs down the rocks managed a somersault with a great yell but was otherwise unhurt. All was well for a while until Ben had a great stack into the water - Scott awarded this the crash of the day!
I had a great ride, thank you everyone!

MEEEE Smiling

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hahaha thanks guys for awarding me with the glamourous award of crash of the day. I though I was going ok down those rocky bits towards the creek and then on the very last step did they superman over the handlebars!

and also winded myself in the process as I collected the handlebar on the way through. But all is well. Just a few grazes.

well more practice is definitely needed for me.....still quite the noob!

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Geoffo, saw this today and thought you might be interested.

Geoffo's picture

Thanks stuart - that sure looks like a fantastic product/price!

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