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The last Kowalski was a goodie

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There aren't many write-ups for this year, and as I enjoy them I'll throw one up myself..


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The local councillor is concerned about rubbish at Appin

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Hi guys

Because I saw a dozen NOBMOB's were heading out to Appin last Sun I detoured from Ourimbah, riding has more energy when there's lots of people eh.

Anyway, at the carpark after a couple of laps friendly Norm who lives a few doors down and is on the local council asked us to pass the word around that they've been finding lots of rubbish at the carpark. He seems to think it's 'not you lot' but rather the hoons parking at night with a bottle of JD, a ute and too much rubber on their tyres.

There was powerade on the ground though, so everybody, please pack the rubbish out.

Best Mountain Bike