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what a great day.
woke up with a head ache and hung over
threw up before breakfast. yay me!

ate some brekky (not enough) and we got going.
train, easy.

arrived Wenty ready to ride, to find a late starting sleepyhead still getting bits out of his car.

made it the 2kms to Tableland Rd, had to stop for sugar (brekky deficient), nearly bailed. soldiered on.
got going, what a blast of fun that was down to the part where I got a flat tyre.
oh dear, and crap. me parts? zip
mate parts ? they're in the glovebox, d'oh

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not bike riding

took an unavoidable week off from snapping piccies and riding the bike
as the Bathurst Jog is only on once a year
and it's my bro's birthday month

so my recently active bike muscles went for an 8km 1hour stroll
and they damn well hurt like the billio still on Tues morning.
stupid jogging muscles
argh, not coping, need something, hnnnm rumm, stress pills, sleep, recovery time, a ride down Andersons

we'll start with rum and work our way up. Eye-wink

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Mt York, all of it

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that was a lot more than expected.

I figured it might be long, it wasn't as long as thought, but plenty long enough.

9am to 5pm is a long day in the saddle.
28kms, two descents, two ascents.

Up Lockyers when you wanted to be up Lawsons was a tad bumma.
But down Lawsons was fun and it eased the hurt.

Sniggling a trail along Lockyers and being too close to see the trail made me go wide on a rock which put me in the loose stuff on the next corner which had me face down in the trail going hmmm.

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