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Turn of the decade

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By Rob - Posted on 04 January 2010

Not a bad month Eye-wink

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do you take your Garmin Edge underwater to the pool? Shocked


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Nah - I just type in when I swim manually as it's handy to keep a record.

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Just kidding!

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Actually, there's 16km missing from the second day in NZ when my Edge died.

Tien is supposed to be uploading his so I can copy/paste those kays from him. Although he seems to not like plugging his Edge in his PC for some reason Eye-wink

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is there so many blank spots you lazy git?

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It's because once we finished in Rotorua and packed up the bikes I couldn't be bothered to get them out again Sticking out tongue

Which is a shame because we spent 3 nights in Pauanui and you should see the hills and maze of trails in the forest SE of there:

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Personally I'm dissapointed you didn't ride to west head and akuna from St Leonards, was a nice ride from lane cove last saturday. Eye-wink

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I notice you went the soft way, the correct route is this:

I guess that accounts for your much better average speed? Least that's what I'll tell myself Eye-wink

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The average speed was me chasing the pack as they dropped me on each hill on the return from west head! All done on just one banana but plenty of liquid.

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Ahhhh... riding in a pack is cheating. Do it again as a time trail Eye-wink

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@Rob - What took ya so long? Eye-wink

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Try over 25km/h over 200km, 100km is for whimps Sticking out tongue

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@dangersean: You wink... and yet you are being serious. There's always one... <sigh>

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but not just yet, there was a only a bit of drafting behind the 30 or so turramurra cyclists on west head road, the rest was me looking into the distance making sure the pack were still in sight!

@jdb I could average that driving but not on two wheels with my legs...crazy!

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