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Roseville Bridge Hole

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By Rob - Posted on 15 January 2010

Someone sent this in today... watch out if you're cycling across Rosville Bridge!

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I called the RTA this morning to report this, they will send someone out to check it out. There are no signs to indicate the missing panel, bikes can be travelling at well over 40kph at this point and with out any indication unless you bunny hop the gap you are about to enter a whole world of hurt.

As the panel was no where to be seen I can only imagine that a worker (or someone) has removed it and left only this little blue thing as a marker. Scary stuff.

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There's been a piece of plywood over it for months. Some cretin has probably decided to see how well it floats. Tool! Evil

RTA just told me that a crew has been out there this morning to attend to it. Apparently it's an ongoing issue and this is the 5th time in the last month.

They're waiting for the replacement panel to be made.

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i reckon i could clear that on my roadie!

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hawkeye; that wood was replaced before last week, when I rode over the bridge the last few times all of the panels were cement. So someone had either pulled one up and chucked it over the edge, or a worker had come out and taken a broken one and not left any sign-age.

It's scary riding over there at the best of times, I always wonder when the panels will break under wheel. At least I know now that it's not a clear drop into the drink below Eye-wink

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