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Sydney Rain Forecast - Feb 2010

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By Rob - Posted on 06 February 2010

Oh dear Sad

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gym or indoor trainer must be used.....
glad I got one of these "Rollers" need to manage to stay on it for longer.... and set it up to suit the 29er!

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I'm going into the canoe business as of tomorrow morning. The mid and downstairs carpark just flooded with 6/8 inches of water in that insane downpour just a minute ago. Based on the rainfall image provided by Rob I am doubling my 1st order of boats!

In the above link they have failed to include the underground lake and fly fishing attraction which would be a major selling point would it not?

Our area is like a refuge island. Somebody sure was looking down on us, when it pissed down on us .... Smiling

Better bring the turbo trainer up from my nice dry storage by the looks ...

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It's all good on the black stuff...

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ROAD BIKES???? Brad, i know you must? Bernd, i know you wanna? did a 3.5 hr local ride today in the warm rain and it was heaven! i know i've had a dinner party tonight but i'm still meeting Rob at Hornsby at 6.30am to ride up to Wisemans to say hi to all those off road muddy FOOLS!
Come on guys, staying indoors is for old folks!

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So what happened this morning then?

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Yes I do stray onto the road when the trails are wet and crappy, or when some cram miles are needed pre race and I have done diddly squat (a bit too frequent an occurrence)
I had an appointment with my carpark for a spot of fishing this morning though Eye-wink
Not a big fan of the road in the wet, crazy slippery at times with little notice either. One must descend like a blouse to make sure you come home scrape free...

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Must be getting old.

Fankles's picture

Soft as butter is probably more fitting Eye-wink

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