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My resting heart rate.

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By PIVOT MACH 5 - Posted on 29 January 2010

This is the real reason i rode around manly for hours on sunday. No DNF voices in my head. No ' close to home if i fall apart ' and not practicing my race face. Just so i can get fitter, feel better and have a better quality of life. Riding is awesome and i love it!

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Any lower when you first wake up?

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I could sleep with the monitor on and keep the live feed running i suppose.
Scary if it goes down any further. I might wake up dead! Smiling

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What equipment are you using to get those stats?

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Suunto t3c heart rate monitor with Training manager software and the wireless PC pod for the live feed to your PC

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Dude, I think you are already dead. That's entering lance land!

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Meh... but how low is the lowest you've measured while on a ride? Sticking out tongue

I was at 63BPM when we crossed the bridge bottom of Galston Gorge today... erm... not for long though Eye-wink

Have recored 56BPM at a rest stop during a ride, Think coffee with the GF at Akuna Bay, sooooo relaxing Smiling

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I think you need a new one if that's the effect she has on you! Eye-wink Or are you guys actually long term married but you're keeping it secret?

Don't you dare tell her I said the first bit! Sticking out tongue

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What is your measured maximum as I would be curious to know your HR range?

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Do you find the pc pod and software worthwhile?

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That's dam low... Be sure to breathe occasionally bro...
Haven't measured my bottom or top line in a while but it used to bottom out at 49bpm and top out at 227bpm
what really counts though is ones level of economy verses the power output at different levels... And how many doughnuts one reaches for... Opps!

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Fankles, I don't know how old you are but if I follow the widely known measurement of:

220 - your age = age-adjusted Max HR

that would make you minus 2 years old. No wonder you are quick Eye-wink Now I really feel old.

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Ha ha.... I'm sure my other half would agree with you at times Eye-wink Im nudging 32 to come clean....
That formula is about as usefull as a second freckle. Or about as accurate as many the bike fit formulas that seem to exist and suck...
Those measuremnts were taken the last time I was silly enough to do a VO2 max test when I was about 18. I know when I'm fairly fit these days the resting is down around there still.
I haven't really pushed the upper envelope until exhaustion to really check out the upper limit in a couple of years. Later this year when the bod is in some finer running form (pre dirt works) I will have a proper crack and see where it's at again. Not a good idea to just jump start the bod with a test like that when the motor is far from tuned up and the hand has been in the cookie jar... Eye-wink

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To answer your question cakey, yes i find the pod and software invaluable. i now have a years worth of race/ ride data to evaluate my progress and compare speeds, times, heart rates, hours in zones etc. However it does appear that the suunto software only works on windows xp and not vista or on a mac. but check to forums for more info.
Brian, to answer your question my min is 39 (for now!) and max is 187.

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Did you tell your Boss that you were at your workstation 'flat-out in work mode' @09:00hrs ....OR are you self employed Eye-wink

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