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Hydration is Key!

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By davis_jnr - Posted on 19 January 2007

All of you budding riders planing on riding this weekend be carefull of the impending heat.

My suggestion is to hydrate well the night before you ride as well as drinking plenty of fluids on your respective rides.

De-hydration is not something we like dealing with during or after a ride, look out for the tell tale signs of dehydration;

Loss of appetite
Dry skin
Dark colored urine
Dry mouth / Cotton mouth
Fatigue / Weakness
Head rushes

If you continue to ignore the following signs may become apparent;

Increased heart rate
Increased respiration
Decreased sweating
Decreased urination
Increased body temperature
Extreme fatigue
Muscle cramps
Tingling of the limbs

Don't let it get this far cause the implications are far more serious carrying on from here.

I hope all of you have a great ride this weekend, I hope to be back out on the trails with you next week.



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