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Government policy will be our saviour

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By Little-Ditty - Posted on 15 February 2010

The stupidity or ignorance of government, at all levels, never ceases to amaze me. We have opposition parties denying the contribution of humans on global warming/climate change. Stupid and ignorant.

We have lying governments invading other countries simply to harness the power of their energy for their own selfish needs whilst Haiti self-implodes in poverty and lawlessness. Narrow minded and selfish.

Finally we have local councils closing bike trails due to saftey concerns, with no consultation with any users about what is unsafe about the trails or what can be done to correct them. Safety concerns? Did these people even walk/ride the trail to see what they were making decisions on? Have they even seen it? And what of walkers? Is it just me or does the smell of 3rd party lobbying from interest groups permeate this whole palava? Do these local Councils not realise that people have a brain in their head and can smell the faeces? Why not get help from those willing to provide it rather than shuffling their good intentions away?

We are at a precipice here, so it must be that MTB'ers should make a stand and protect what is ours, our lifestyle, our livelihoods. What would we actually do if there was no Manly Dam? I shudder to think as the majority of our riding skills are learnt from a few trails like Manly Dam, Red Hill and Oxford Falls. Sure we can ride Terrey Hills, but that is mainly good for fitness, not riding skills. Who hasn't sessioned the Manly Dam steps, or felt the thrill of the Freeway as you barrel down towards the creek? Or felt your lungs and legs burning as you climb Heartbreak Hill? The last 500m of the Dam must surely rank as some of the best single trail in Australia, as good as the best parts of any single or downhill trail. Unless we keep our focus and maintain the pressure, those that hate us will see to it that what is ours is taken away. Well screw them. I hate their whinging, complaining and backdoor lobbying. Up yours! And when we finally get our trail, and our mountain bike park, and everything else through our own constructive efforts we will ride past with a smile, not from winning this little conflict, but from pure riding enjoyment. Laughing out loud

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