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Blue Mountains riders need your help

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By Rob - Posted on 30 April 2010

Here's news just (well, it's been there a week, but I've been slow) in of a new trail advocacy groups getting started up in the Blue Mountains. One of the founders has described it thus:

The Blue Mountains Off Road Cyclists BMORC has been setup up to be a resource for riders in the mountains. Its aim is to bring together the large number of riders in the area into a more unified community that will improve the social nature of riding and the better sharing of information. Further it will try to become a common voice representing riders to work with council to try and improve the resources for sustainable riding trails in the area.

It's early days as they are just getting started, but at the very least please take a look and if you enjoy riding on the trails up there please give them a hand and show support. There is a 'Register your support' forum here:

P.S. (like NoBMoB, CTMBC and a few others) is part of the Global Riders Network - logins are shared on these sites.

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