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Trying hard on the 29er

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By Whisperer - Posted on 06 March 2011

6 Mar 11

Went out on a training ride, warmed up by riding up to Terry Hills from Frenchs Forest, and doing a hot'ish lap of the Centre and duck holes first (32:34).
Went hard, but never seemed to get into my rhythm. It just wasn't a day to be riding a hard tail, and I'd dropped the pressures too low - 25 psi front and 24 rear. Even so, went hard and pushed the big ring (funny how it's even harder to keep it in the 'big dog on a 29er), but the extra traction I was getting from the low rear tyre pressure helped on the pinches, even though it was a bit squirrely drifting around the fast sweepers.
Anyway, happy with the time, the last few pinches really hurt, as did time trialling back down Forrest Way trying to keep up with a couple of roadies on the way home. They got quite a surprise when I was still with them at the Caltex!

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